it's Ramadan.

Eternal Father who reigns in heaven,

I would like to ask you to strengthen Muslim brothers and sisters who are currently fasting for 30 days. May their tiring hours during day lights be guided by your protection. Keep them from the vicious enemy who desperately seek for their weakness. Through your infinite goodness, take their struggle into account and grand them heavenly graces from above. I ask this God because you are the most Merciful and only you are worthy to be called “Good”. Jesus Christ said those who do the will of the Father will inherit heaven,therefore I beg you to shelter them in every way.May their struggle be pleasing to you. Amen.

geez I almost forgot until a friend of mine reminded me its Ramadan. Well sorry for the delay but for all those Muslims who are currently participating during Ramadans fast, may the Most Merciful God Bless you.

I would also like to ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for our behalves.

Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with you, blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus, Holy Mary mother of God. Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

I´ve been thinking and I think during the last week of Ramadan I will join fasting with my brothers and sisters in Allah. I think it be a good idea to unite with others to fast for our Eternal Father in heaven.

together we can conquer satin and the world.

Who are you working for!? Tell me! Did that evil cotton send you?

I’m sorry guys I couldn’t resist…

May Allah bless you with happiness , peace , security , health and shower you with his blessings. You and your faily and loved ones . Ameen

Thanks for this lovely wish Ben . In your post i see true teahings of Jesus.

My best wishes and thanks to you and to all the wonderful Christians out there ,

A muslim


I´ve been thinking and I think during the last week of Ramadan I will join fasting with my brothers and sisters in Allah. I think it be a good idea to unite with others to fast for our Eternal Father in heaven.

How strictly do you observe Lent?

And, for that matter, how many Moslems will join Christians in fasting during Lent, I wonder?

If you believe what some Muslims have posted on this board, Lent is not a valid fasting tradition because you’re allowed to drink water. I don’t get it, but that’s Islam for ya.

Anyway, this is a good idea, Benjamin. Maybe I should do so also. Fasting is always good, if done with the right intention and mindset.

Well since the 7nth grade I made a devotion to Holy Mass every day for 40 days.(I missed one season (first year in Germany)) I also give up meat throughout the whole season. I think I´ve done that for 4 times now. This previous lent I gave up Television and Internet. Also meat but I’m not sure if I did for 40 days in a row.

I don´t think Moslems join Christians in fasting but why is this relevant, why are you asking me this?

Don’t know if Ramadan has ended, but in honor of it, I am going to eat pork and drink liquor non-stop!

This is misplaced ecumenism. Fast during Lent and observe other fasting/abstinence rules (eg. Friday abstinence). If you are Orthodox or Eastern Catholic there are also other fasting seasons and regulations (which are part of the historic Christian tradition), as well as Wednesdays and Fridays. It doesn’t make sense to absorb other people’s traditions (especially outside of your faith) when better time and energy can be spent immersing yourself in the traditions of your faith.

As for the Wednesdays and Fridays - that’s a tradition that goes as far back as the Didache. Quasten remarked that it was a response to the Jewish fast days which were I think Tuesday and Thursday. If the Judaizing Christians had their way, we would celebrate our weekly Eucharist on Saturday, not Sunday, and be beholden to the dietary regulations of the Torah and fast on the same days as the Jews. But we don’t. They have their traditions, we have ours.

Maybe I’ve misread Benjamin, but I didn’t think that this was an attempt at ecumenism or immersion in another’s faith. If you are considering fasting as a means to unite yourself with Muslim tradition, Benjamin, then I must retract my previous comments. That is indeed a BAD idea.

What is so irrational about uniting with others who share the same faith in GOD with you by participating in their fast? Sure its different traditions but that´s the beauty in it. 2 worlds fasting for the intention for the greater good. Some time ago John Paul II said we should engage in fasting during Ramadans last day, so that over a billion of people may unite to suffer for God our Eternal Father.

I personally think its beautiful.

No my brother, you didn´t misread me. I am in no means trying to immerse in another faith. It is just unity in fasting for God.

consider yourself reported.:tsktsk:

It would be great if you joined! And you´re right about having the right mindset. I tried this last year, but my dad gave me a talk and advised me not to do over do anything. So after 3 days or so I stopped. But considering its Ramadan again and John Paul’s words, I will go for another attempt but with a much better mindset.I am so excited about this for some reason I´m just attracted to Islamic traditions such as this. Just don´t get me wrong please.

Do not be attracted to Islam’s traditions when your own are far better, and your faith the TRUE faith. When you fast, you do so as a means of turning inward to strengthen and explore YOUR OWN faith, not someone else’s. Or at least this is my understanding of why Christians fast.

If I do fast at this time or any other, it will be with that in mind. That’s what I meant when I wrote about the right mindset, not anything about overdoing it. You can’t “over do” a proper fast, in my experience. I’ve only ever “under done” them, shamefully. :frowning:

I really part ways with the ultra-traditionalists on the post-Vatican II papacy, but I think John Paul II is also engaging in misplaced ecumenism. IMHO, ecumenical dialog should largely be restricted to those separated churches to whom the Catholic church believes has an apostolic succession and valid sacraments.

By the way, this is a good overview of most of the traditional “Eastern” Christian fasts. They struck me (especially Great Lent) as pretty austere and scared me when I first saw them…

IMHO at the very least the Latin Church should “beef up” existing Lenten fasts/abstience days and abrogate the “charity exemption” for meatless Fridays. Fasting is part of the Chrisian tradition although neglected in the Western church. Outside of the Catholic faith we know that Muslims fast, Latter-day Saints fast, Hindus and Buddhists. Orthodox have their own fasts (to which many try to adhere).

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to Islamic traditions. As long as it could be compatible to your faith. The intention of Ramadan is Holy. That is the ONLY reason why I like it.

I guess you are right. Maybe my dad just got worried. I mean once I came back from vacation, I started to attend daily mass, started to pray and then I began to fast. But hey, I do believe we need balance. Right now I don’t even go to daily mass, couldn´t receive Holy Communion for two Sundays now. I don’t know, but I think we do need to learn how to control our acts. This is why it made so much sense to me when you said we need a good mindset. Sure its about increasing our faith but a person has to be prepared for the battle you know what I mean?

I dont think you answered my question brother.

thanks for the link though

God Bless

Actually I did respond to your question. You wrote:

“Sure its different traditions but that´s the beauty in it. 2 worlds fasting for the intention for the greater good.”

That was - in a way - why I cited the Eastern Christian traditional fasts. Meatless Lent? You’ve certainly done more than I have. I should be ashamed…

I disagree that the God of the Muslims is the same as ours. That’s not saying that their god is a devil or anything like that. But they explicitly deny that Jesus is the son of God and they deny the Holy Trinity. They recycle a lot of the arguments that the Jews originally make (and still believe) with respect to Christianity. For different reasons, the Latter-day Saints and other non-Nicean Creed Christian sects can be said to not be worshipping the same God.

Okay then this is the wrong thread my brother. I didn´t post this thread to debate whether we can agree with Muslims or not, I post this thread to honor Ramadan. I also said a prayer so the God of All may strengthen them. God has His ways with Muslims and I pray that He will be successful.

I don´t know what you should be ashamed of, I might have fasted for lent more then the average Catholic but my current status in life is disappointing:o

By the way, do we even have anymore Muslim posters here. What happened to Sister Amy, Muslim_Woman and more???

There is no true beauty in error and delusion.

Moslems do NOT have the same faith in God that Christians do.

Christians believe that God is three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Moslems deny this. Their very Coran declares “Say not: Three!” about this truth.

Christians believe that Jesus is God Incarnate.

Moslems explicitly deny this.

When Moslems in Iraq and elsewhere stop bombing and desecrating Christian churches perhaps there might be some point in their spiritual and ascetic practices.

They can start by returning Aghia Sophia in Constantinople to the Orthodox Church.

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