its so hard


i have many many times to give up pornography and masturbation. I keep praying but how come I fall? I can go a week but then I find my way into it again!


Start by getting some resources at

It is a tough struggle, but it can be overcome. Pray a lot! Keep going to confession, even if you need to do it weekly before Mass.

“I have the strength for everything through Him who empowers me.” Phil. 4:13

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Keep working at it. Remember that the Blessed Virgin Mary revealed that more souls go to hell over sins of inpurity than for anything else.

Also remember that the Devil finds things for idle hands. Fill up your life with other things so that you have less time for these sinful activities: [list]*]REQUIRE yourself to say all 15 decades of the rosary EVERY day without excuses. That’ll fill up at least an hour right there. Plus, you’ll be gaining graces which will help you avoid this sin.

*] Re-organize your schedule so that you attend daily mass. This may require to juggle a lot of things around thus eating up more free time plus the graces received from Mass will also aid you in your spiritual battle.

*] If after following the above suggestions you still have free time on your hands to engage in these sinful activities, consider joining your local Knights of Columbus and become involved in their activities. Knights do local works of charity. Those activities should help keep you busy and recall that sripture tells us that charity toward others atones for a multitude of sins.[/list] Each of these suggestions kills two birds with one stone. First off, they eat up your time so that you have less time to devote to sinful activities and they replace it with activities which will help you grow in grace to asist you in this spiritual battle. Also, remember what will happen if you die with a mortal sin on your soul and confess it as often as it happens.

Going hand in hand with that, do face-to-face confession so that you are actually looking at the priest when confessing these sins and make it a point to go to the same priest each time. – seeing the same priest week after week and confessing the same embarassing sins will also help you in avoiding them because you will want to minimize having to see the same priest again and confess the same sin again.


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