It's that time of year again - swimsuits, clothing, modesty, oh my!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it’s getting to be that time of year again when we see a tsunami of posts asking the same questions concerning modesty, particularly with regards to swimming suits. If you have a question along the lines of “is it okay for me, my daughter, or someone else, to wear a bikini?” then I would suggest doing a search under the “Apologetics” section.

Everyone here will have their own opinions and ideas. Some here will voice them quite loudly. There are not many, that I’m aware of, who are either theologians or stand en persona Christi. If you are at all wondering about what you want to wear this summer (and this goes for us men, too), consult the Catechism, your parish priest, your confessor, your bishop, or, if all else fails, your conscience.

God, in His infinite wisdom, created us man and woman and we’ve been wondering why ever since. Ever since time immemorial, however, men and women have been trying to attract one another by what they wear, or don’t wear. Even our Muslim sisters, who cover themselves so that no curve shows or wear a veil, run into problems.

So for the sake of the forums’ server capacity, please run a search, or, better still, talk to someone with authority about your concerns about clothing or swimsuit modest this summer.


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For a second I thought this was going to be a good thread :(

If people want to discuss it, I don't see the issue


[quote="x0stephanie, post:3, topic:197268"]
If people want to discuss it, I don't see the issue


Then let me explain it to you Stephanie. What **'Argh' **was saying is that:

1) If you want to find answers to regarding this subject, then go to the 'Apologetics' section, and do a search on this subject.
2) That if you REALLY want answers to this question, then go to the Catechism, go to a Priest etc.
3) That needless use of this forum for this subject, of which can be found in a search in the Apologetics section, or, by seeking outside authoratative advice, causes unecessary taxation of the server ( hard drives).

Re-read his post carefully, and you should have your answer.


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