It's the end of the world as we know it, but a bunch of scientists far underground feel fine

Ir seems scientists were uncertain of the exact outcome of this experiment. With such catastrophic possibilities within the narrow confines of human wisdom why would we even think of doing such a thing? With experiments like this, it is by the grace of God that nothing serious has happened yet. It is God’s grace that sustains us not our own thinking and understanding.


"Some feared that once the LHC started crashing particles together, the energy would trigger a mini black hole that would gobble up the Earth and consume us all in an instant."Well, nothing happened to threaten the earth.

In any case, there are worse ways for the world to end than being consumed by a black hole.

If we live long enough, the earth will be destroyed by fire as the Sun expands farther along in its lifecycle to become a red giant. If it prefers not to go peacefully, maybe there could be a nova.

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