Its the little things that get you

I have a close co-worker who is an avid bicycle rider. Recently he returned from the Cycle Oregon, an approximate 400 mile ride around the state on backroads and mountain roads. It is not a race, but a tour and takes about a week.

Anyway he was telling me this story. When he travels with his bike, he carries it on a roof-top bike rack, the kind where the bike is mounted upright. One one occassion a while back, he was coming home, hit the garage door opener and proceeded to drive into the garage, with the bike on top. Crash!! The bike hits the lintel on the garage door. He immediately stops then puts the car into reverse. Unfortunately for him, he did not realize that the bike had been knocked off his car and he proceeded to back over it!

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Fortunately, he was laughing along with the rest of us.

I then recalled an incident more than 20 years ago. Once, I was in a hurry to leave the house. I ran down to the garage, jumped in my car, hit the garage door opener button, started the car and got myself belted, put the car in reverse and started to back out.

Except the garage door was still closed.

I hit the door and punched a hole in it with the tow hitch. Fortunately, I do no other damage. I shuold add that this happened just a couple of days before we were schedule to put the house on the market and have an open house. :whacky:

Oh well, as I constantly remind myself, when you have a dumb head, your whole body suffers. :blackeye:

When I was Girl Scout (back in the dark ages, when you could earn merit badges for needlework and ballroom dancing) one of the few badges I earned was for cooking. And I distinctly remember being taught that before you begin a recipe, you should “always assemble your ingredients before starting”. And to this day, of course, I always make sure we have the important things–chocolate chips, canned beef broth, white seedless raisins, and all those other things one might not always buy on every shopping trip (in my house, CHICKEN broth is a staple, not beef broth.) But I never check on things like sugar, flour, salt. It’s like checking to see if you have water. Who DOESN’T have those staples on hand? So imagine commencing to make quiche lorraine and salad for a family dinner… and discovering you have no eggs. Not. one. egg.

And you live 25 miles from the nearest store.

We had BLTs… made with crumbled bacon. I made sure I had crumbled bacon for my quiche. Just didn’t think to see if we had EGGS. Who plans quiche for dinner and doesn’t think to check to see if they have eggs???

:wave: Me!

On a similar note:

A few months ago, my MIL went out and did a huge grocery shopping. Spent about $400. On the same day, 50 miles away, my SIL, her daughter, decided to surprise Mom by doing a big grocery shopping. SHE spent about $400.

Mom calls and tells me about it, half laughing, half wondering where they are going to put $800 worth of groceries. Then she calls back a half hour later and asks:

“Can we borrow three eggs?”

Fortunately that week I had bought some… but two people spending $800 on groceries between them and NO ONE thought to buy eggs???

Yep, it’s those little things that make great stories to tell!

What in the world are you making with chocolate chip, beef broth and raisins? :bigyikes:


I earned the nickname “dipsh*t” in college for this kind of thing. a friend and I once drove from buffalo, ny to canada, to see niagra falls from their side. then, somehow, we proceeded to lose the united states… hey, it happens. :shrug: so I stopped at a 7-11 to get directions, and while I was getting them, I bought a doughnut (see, I have a complex, I can’t just ask for directions or use a restroom at a gas station without buying SOMETHING, it just doesn’t seem fair). so the doughnut transaction while getting directions from the guy with very broken english complicated things in my little mind and by the time I left the store I was very confused had forgotten about half the directions… I figured they’d come back to me as we got closer. I got back to the truck and told my friend where we were supposed to go, and we left. by the time I ran out of directions there were no signs (like “USA this way!” lol) and my piece offering–the doughnut–became a weopan… to this day I am picked on about this… of when I was beaten with a doughnut for losing America… :blush: we made it home eventually and laugh about it when we talk.

I once helped my roommate look for her glasses for over 20 minutes until I noticed they were on her head.

Just two days ago, the department of justice called me because there was a problem with one of the restraining orders we had entered. I hadn’t entered it, but I had done the ‘second check’. I studied it for about 10 minutes before I realized we had entered the restrained person’s name into both areas - in other words, it looked like the guy had taken out a restraining order against himself.

Thank GOD I had it fixed fast…but I thought, “How can I explain this one? Can I claim the man has a self-esteem problem?”.:o

lol man I could remember some stories, like locking the keys in the car, more than 1 time in a period of 1 week…:frowning: LOL Or putting on the wrong shoes, or bending down and ripping pants up…Oh man that was the worst one…We were in a family gathering, friends, and 100 people, I think it was for a Christmas or something… Don’t remember very well have tried to forget it…lol… and my mother had given me for my bday- december bday- a silk pair of pants…Now silk and I don’t get along very well, even when I was thin!!! I was pg with my second baby, I believe…And well big belly silk pans, yeah… Well my then 2 year old daughter grabbed something and dropped it, and I had to pick it up, I dreaded it because I was wearing silk, but at the moment no one was around so I said if anything no one will see I can sneak out and find something else to wear…Right… right…as soon as I bend down I rip my pants, and about 20 people walk into the room while that was going on…Oh yeah it was great… and I was with the grannys on… it was an interesting moment of my life… very interesting…

My first thought was… Better grannies than a thong! :blush::eek:

DH should win a prize, he ran out of gas TWICE in the same day.

I’m sure someone could come up with something, but I was just using this “list” to illustrate those things I don’t usually buy but that I make sure I have when I need to cook with them… and routinely forget the eggs!

How about the fact that every. single. time. I go to the grocery store, I get everything BUT what I originally went there to get???

It NEVER FAILS!!!:banghead::doh2::hypno:

And don’t’ say “well, duh, make a list”, because I do. I start out by thinking of something I need, then one thing becomes becomes several, and so I say “make a list” and I do, but I forget the original item that I needed that started my thought process. I get home with my stuff and put it away only to realize, what I needed I didn’t put away…didn’t I get it? Wait, was it on the list?? BAHHHHHHHHHH I can’t win.

LOL yeah I thought the same thing!

locking the keys in the car
with the baby inside
who is sleeping
with the car running
in the winter
at day care
in line with dozens of other parents lined up behind me in the one-way driveway, with traffic backed up into major highway
with the 3 yr old standing on the sidewalk
who had taken off her boots in the car, which I did not notice until I put her down on the snowy pavement. barefoot

I have had nightmares that were more fun than that

Yes I have a garage door story, too, but to this day DH thinks he did it himself. so shuddup will ya

DH always liked dogs and he always thought it so cool when people took their dogs everywhere with them, faithful companions sharing the little day-to-day adventures and making long drives less lonely.

Years ago we had a cocker spaniel that shared a single brain cell with two other dogs on alternating weeks (and he usually missed his turn) and one day, DH made a run out to the landfill (about 20 miles out of town) and took the dog with him. Since the dog was prone to suicidal dives out the window, he had the windows rolled up. It was the middle of summer, so when he stopped, he left the engine running (no air conditioning, but it kept the vent circulating air.) It would only take two minutes to unload the stuff in the truck and he’d be done. He no sooner stepped out of the truck and shut the door than the dog leaped at the door and his paw landed squarely on the door lock button. DH made a frantic dash around the front of the truck to the passenger side, but the Rin-Tin-Tin reject was faster still. click He locked the passenger side door, too! So there’s the dog, locked inside a pickup truck, with the engine running but no air conditioning, in the middle of summer heat, at the county landfill on a Saturday, no less. Fortunately, one of the landfill workers hadn’t left for the day yet and he managed to get the doors unlocked without breaking any windows and save the dog from DH’s wrath.

From then on, the dog stayed home.

Wow! I got a good laugh out of that one. Only because that is something that would totally happen to me.

While this story isn’t mine, my dad told me of a client of his who had a new car with the screen inside that allowed you to see what was behind your car. Anyway, he was so busy watching the screen he knocked off his rear-view mirror backing out of the garage. Gotta love technology.

I didn’t run out of gas twice in the same day, but in the same week… this was also the same month that I locked my keys inside the car twice (thank God for AAA), once while running. What was great about locking my keys in the car is the way the car was designed… when the engine was running, the button that locked the whole car wouldn’t work… but the button that just locked that one door did. Also, the button that unlocked the whole car had done that, so I must have, in a half alseep daze, manually locked all of the doors. I’m pretty OCD about locking doors, and especially then, since I didn’t live in such a great neighborhood. I’m just really glad that the locksmith was just a few minutes away, because I was pretty close to running out of gas for the third time that week!

And about running out of gas… There are actually some nice police officers still! I had ran out of gas in, again, not the greatest of neighborhoods, and had no way of getting any gas (no one else I knew that was in that town on Christmas Eve). Desparate, I called the non-emergency line, and a police officer showed up a few minutes later. The officer actually drove me about a mile away so I could purchase a gas can and some gas, radioed a fellow officer to drive by my car while we were gone, helped me fill my car, and waited to make sure that I was moving before he left.

Again, though, I cannot sing the praises of AAA and friendly police officers enough!!!

I just HAD to hit the reply button on this one !

One day not too long ago I was walking toward my car after buying groceries. I used my remote clicker to unlock the car and it wouldn’t work. I tried dozens of times and it just wouldn’t work. I figured the battery was dead or something. Totally at a loss as what I’d do, I called my dad for help. He instructed me to just use the actual key in the door and I felt like a complete fool, as that thought honestly had not occured to me.

I went ahead and put the key in the keyhole of the door and it slid it perfectly but it wouldn’t turn left or right. Now I was REALLY perplexed. I just didn’t get it. I removed the key and just stared blankly at the car. I finally noticed some personal items on the passenger seat that didn’t belong to me.

IT WASN’T MY CAR !!! :blush:

That was really embarrassing.

keys locked in the car? sure.

left kids in the grocery store? i’ve done that, too.

but here’s an **oops **that almost killed me: i used to clean houses. one couple i worked for were both lawyers. they used to meander into whatever room i was cleaning, start some conversation, use lots of superfluous words i.e., “I don’t mean to be particularly facetious” instead of “no kidding” etc.

and they used to bug me a lot.

so one day, the lawyer husband was grilling me (badgering the witness) about the non-necessity of moving the chairs out of the dining room before I swept it. ( i wanted the chairs moved. he was certain it “expended disproportionate energy”.) as I was expounding, likewise, how it was easier to move all the chairs than to fidget the broom around them, I carried the ladder-back dining chair to the other side of the room and accidentally hit it on the table leg. the ladder-back whacked me in the throat and almost decapitated me.

i fell to the floor, chair on top of me, unable to speak and gasping.

he was afraid i would sue him.

i didn’t. but i quit soon after that.

I’ll go you one better. I frequently forget where I parked the car when I get out of the store. A month ago, I parked next to a Culligan water truck, making a mental note before
I walked across the parking lot into the store. I came out about an hour later, saw the Culligan truck and headed for my car. (I live in a small town where nobody locks their doors.) I opened the door and climbed in as the Culligan truck backed out. I realized it wasn’t my car because the seat was too close to the steering wheel and my umbrella wasn’t in the passenger seat. I jumped out of the car in time to come face to face with the owner.:o I stuttered when I tried to explain that I wasn’t trying to steal her car.:blush: Luckily, the truck pulled away revealing my car on the other side. The lady had a good sense of humor.:thumbsup: She started laughing when she figured out what had happened.

Of course that’s not as bad as the time I locked my keys in my brand spanking new car and discovered I had left the car in neutral. The car started rolling into a busy street with me hanging onto the bumper trying to stop it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hee hee. I work in a call center for a credit card company (ugh, I hate it). And one of our most common calls are when someone reports a card as lost. I had this customer who was freaking out because he couldn’t find his card. I verified customer transactions, and he was screaming at me to hurry up. The card was blocked and new one was sent out. Then he was quiet.

The card was in his hand! :banghead:

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