It's the year 2040 and


I just hope and pray that as BAD Horrible Disgusting and truly Hurtful this whole scandal being revealed has been, that it will turn around Our Catholic Church and make it the Church God always intended it to be and I am NOT talking about it becoming more liberal in ANY way, shape or form. Of course 2000 plus years ago Christ’s Church “wasn’t a bed of roses.” This has just been on my mind lately. I would hope that if this world is still here that in 2040 Our One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church will be the best it has ever been as far as those who serve in Her and belong to Her. That Catholics will be TRUE STRONG and DEVOUT no matter what. I don’t know if that makes sense or not.

It’s 2040 (and only God knows if I’ll still be here or not):

Will this Church scandal be a long forgotten hardly talked about historic Church event?

Will the Catholic Church be a smaller but stronger Church?

Will the Catholic Church be larger and stronger Church?

Will these TERRIBLE scandals be just something mentioned in passing?

Will the Priesthood be so much better because of these scandals that NONE want to have repeated?


22 years. Hmmm. I’ll still be in my 90s.

So let me see.

Not forgotten… what was happening in mid 90s?

Yes, smaller and stronger.

Nope, not larger and stronger.

Mentioned in paßing… yeah, I can see that.

Better Priesthood. Maybe. I think si, but more probably because of the ongoing and increasing persecution of Christians.


I don’t know. It’s very likely that even more priests will be outed in the next twenty years. In fact, my diocese, on the day of the Pennsylvania report, actually outed a now-deceased priest who used to serve in the diocese. However, it sounds like this was the last priest from the diocese that needed to be investigated, as far as we know, so…yay us??? Of course, that news was completely local and even then drowned out locally by the Pennsylvania report.

That said, even if all the remaining outings and reports can manage to come out in the next two years, people will probably still reference it as they do the Crusades. Like with the Crusades, though, it may not impact most sensible people’s decisions to become Catholic.

Short of some Catholic “Great Awakening”, I imagine it will be smaller and stronger, though that will only partially be due to this scandal. It’s starting to reach a point, among the scandals, New Atheist and Protestant apologetics, continued strong stances that are neither fully conservative nor fully liberal politically, and the general nature of an overworked culture that those sticking around will be those who have a strong enough faith to not be deterred by all the attacks.

This one I really don’t know. I’d imagine steps will be taken to try to prevent this problem, and that might affect priests. Whether it helps or hinders the faithful priests’ job is another matter.


Smaller, yes, stronger, hopefully but no guarantee

Given the current trends, definitely not larger, although it is possible that in the year 2025 the U.S. church will hit rock bottom and start an upward trend. That will however take some very definite talent that I don’t see on the horizon at this time.

No, too many people just love to hang on to misery as some sort of excuse to allow them to ignore their own weakness and sinfulness. It should fade a bit as those who live now gradually pass from the scene.

Hopefully, yes. As you know, procedures were put in place in 2002 after the Dallas conference and they seem to be working. (at least in my neck of the woods.) After all, how many abusers have been found committing abuse since 2005. I keep hollering that the 1000 cases of abuse happened 30 to 70 years ago. A lot of people don’t want to listen, I guess.


I’ll be President :us:


I will be Press Secretary


I’ll be 75 if I’m still above ground. I trust in God and I will just keep “Catholicing ON”!


I don’t think we have that long Judgement and the End.
Apocalyptic one here.
So yes, all things to better since God is approaching. But before that things will get much much worse for every Christian.
I pray the Church remains intact in terms of morality even if this means losing power in the world and hard ways in terms of material wealth.
Lord have mercy!


I’ll be one hundred! IMO the church is always growing in it’s faithful members. These scandals tend to clear out those who are too weak in faith to bare the storms.


Hopefully we have more Saints. It’s usually in times like this where purity seems more salient.


Wow, one of the few people on the forum I can’t say “dang, kids” to!


At the rate my body is deteriorating, I’ll be pushing up the daisies long before then


I will probably be right there with you.


My guess is that the population of the world will increase and so will the Church.

As far as the piety of the people, it will vary like it does today and did in every age.

There will be places with both an abundance and a paucity of inspirational leadership.


People will forget and move on. The Church will be small, but more reverent and dedicated than ever before.


Why would you think that? If the church shrinks, where will these multitudes go to?


Because there is much evidence to support a further, tragic decline of the Church, and more people defecting to such strange ideas as Atheism, or, little better, Protestantism. Why would you not expect these trends to go on?


I think, at least where I’m from that unless the church changes how it practically does some things there are going to be more parish mergers, attending a mass will become more difficult and there will be more who have no local Catholic church.

I suppose the church could consider things like livestreaming masses, sending out the Eucharist etc.


The demographic trends I’ve seen online is that the number of Catholic is continuing to rise on every continent except Europe- where the overall population is decreasing modestly.


Mainly because more people are being born, and the whole population is also increasing. I see no evidence of a proportional increase: that would be really encouraging. I’m afraid populations will decline, as they already are.

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