It's Time To Rediscover The IUD, Women's Health Advocates Say

They mention the Mirena IUD and that it is expected to be covered under the Affordable Care Yet but the article does not mention Mirena IUD has been the subject of many lawsuits;

Why is something that has been the cause of multiple lawsuits expected to be covered under the Affordable Care Act? This IUD could be dangerous for women’s health! But then why would I expect the ACA to provide healthy products when there can be abortion coverage and coverage for other types of contraception which may be linked to health risks

Researchers Rossling and Daling studied women who had an IUD and long time users had a higher risk of ecotopic prgenancy, which is the leading cause of maternal mortality in the US, and this higher risk remained for years after IUD was removed

It’s crucial to notice the critical assumptions upon which contraceptive recommendation by professional medical societies are based. They apply to sexually active women, including teens. The presumption in almost all cases is that a woman would otherwise be having sex willy-nilly. That is the assumption underlying the HHS mandate, itself relying on the recommendations of the US Preventive Services Task Force. That Task Force’s recommendations are based on to “sexually active women.”

It seems like there has been a trend toward promotion of more permanent contraceptives (NuvaRing, IUDs, DepoProvera, etc. and even Essure or sterilization) instead of pills or barrier methods. The latter are highly prone to user failure, so for an avidly pro-contraceptive mentality, it makes sense to take the power out of the hands of the user and give it to the responsible medical professional. (IMO this is the same mentality that encourages mass sterilizations, because after all, we have to be protected from ourselves!!! )

(And the idea that a person just wouldn’t have sex if they didn’t want a baby? Laughable.)

oh yes, lets put women at risk for uterine perforation and any number of problems all in the name of not having a baby when its not convenient.

I actually had a doctor (not an ob-gyn) suggest I get an IUD to help me with a female problem.

I’ll be seeing her again the 15th. I’ll explain in a note why I got very upset at her a year ago.

And since pregnancy can still occur, it also puts women at risk for Ecoptic pregnancies.

I will never understand why anybody would think it’s a good idea to stick one of those contraptions inside their body and leave it there. It totally baffles me.

I had 2 ER patients with complications from the IUDs recently. These things can permanently take away fertility.


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