iTunes has The Catholic Mass Revealed!

I was just doing a search on iTunes of “catholic” and discovered that they have the Music and Commentary of The Catholic Mass…Revealed! I’m so excited. Haven’t decided if I’m going to get them yet but I may! I wish they would post the actual video! Just wanted to let you guys know!

What exactly is the “revealed” part? I’m not sure what that is. Thanks for your response ahead of time :slight_smile: I’m always looking for new downloads for my Ipod.

Its put out by a company called Thy Kingdom Come, Inc. and they have a dvd of the Mass (Novus Ordo, to be exact) and is beautifuly done. The cds that iTunes has are the soundtrack/commentary on it. I listened to them a bit and they are really good.

Here’s the 2 links to get you to where you can see what it is.

Thank you!

I downloaded both parts of the commentary :smiley:

Wow, thanks for the heads up on that. It’s also iTunes plus, so no DRM. WooHoo! :smiley:

Thirty years ago John Michael Talbot released “The Lord’s Supper” which is all of the prayers of the Mass sung by his choir and orchestra.

It’s very moving.

There are actual full masses uploaded by some churches a few days after the Sunday masses. They are great to listen to and what I listened to on a long overnight weekend flight which made making any service impossible.

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