iTunes U is the coolest

So first I got hooked on podcasts; CA radio, science fiction stories, news/politics. Now I discover iTunes U. Tons of neat stuff!! Check it out, folks!! It’s all free!

And it isn’t as easy to find but there’s a lot of good Catholic stuff, too. You have to go to iTunes U and click on “Colleges & Universities” which will bring up a list then check out the Catholic ones.
A couple are disappointing and some have only an item or two. the Aquinas Institute, St. Thomas U (which I never heard of) and Villanova are all good.

What sorts of things do they have? I"m an iPod newby, so everything seems hard.:o

It is cool and most are free so that is even better

Gee, I downloaded a bunch of stuff & I forget which came from where. One has a lecture series for the Year of St Paul. St. Thomas or Villanova (I think) has an Augustinian Institute, a bit over my head but pretty accessible. Aquinas, of course has Dominican Spirituality.

If you have the latest version, iTunes 9:
go to iTunes Store
scroll to bottom
click on iTunesU
hunt around in Catholic (or other) schools as described in first post.

There’s actually a Mennonite college which I think is a hoot!

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