IU investigating fight at fraternity house

Usually if the story line is “fight at a frat house” on a university, it’s probably not all that of a groundbreaking news story for a forum. The odd thing is, the dust is still settling but some are saying this was an “anti-semitic” attack and 3 concussions, that sounds real serious to me and in about the last place I’d expect something to happen, Indiana University at Bloomington, IND, home of the renown “Hoosiers”. There is a grainy video showing some of the action. I think this story sounds very bad if members have not heard this:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) – Indiana University is investigating a possibly ant-Semitic incident that took place at a fraternity house.

According to the school, the incident took place at the Pi Kappa Phi house. The university said the it involved members of the fraternity and guests at the house.

The school did put on a tweet in response to a video that is circulating online.

I do have another link on the story but it describes (does not print it out) that some expletives were used. So, I won’t link to Ynet. It sounds like the student paper at Indiana University is the source for some of what we know about this. Facts are vague and these are early reports. I see there is some profanity in that article as well (students talking), so I will leave that out. That seems to be against the rules here.

Disturbing story…

And probably some people drinking heavily. I don’t get that response though, to even party crashers, if they are not welcomed, send them away but not this kind of force.

And we may come to find out that racism, prejudice, is not what this is about but it is being discussed currently.

I couldn’t find much in the articles I read, but it sounded like one frat crashed the party at another frat house. Though some insults uttered may have been antisemitic, I don’t perceive it was a driving force.

Newsweek has a timely article for anyone interested:

Allegedly the partygoers were invited by members of Pi Kappa Phi. Allegedly racial anti-Semitic slurs were hurled at the invited guests. Allegedly a gang of 11 Pi Kapps thought that it was a good idea to beat one of these guests unconscious and continue beating the guest while unconscious and on the ground. Allegedly the Pi Kapps thought that it was a good idea to post the “ Beatdown” online, on social media. Allegedly one of the Pi Kapps beat one guest into a concussion and the other suffered a broken nose, while unconscious, in two places requiring future nose reconstruction surgery. Anyone really interested in defending the actions of Pi Kappa Phi? One of the guests were not even Jewish but suffered through the alleged beating and racial tirades. Love your neighbor. God Bless.

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A tangential Executive Order

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