IUPUI student robbed at gun point [Gun Free Zones simply don't work, in fact they invite crime ]

Maybe stories like this are why more and more people are getting their carry permits?

Here is a medical student, on campus, robbed by a shotgun wielding criminal.

Yup, the campus has a NO GUNS policy. The police are looking for the criminal, fortunately the student was not injured. Still, in this, a very gun friendly state, the criminals know where to do their victim shopping, they go to campus. There have been similar reports of robberies at other campuses in Indianapolis, students at Butler University leaving parties and walking across campus getting robbed, etc.

**I’m not saying that everyone should have a gun, nor am I suggesting that all students should carry, but I see no reason why the older, graduate students, parents and others should be barred from bringing legal guns onto campus if they have a state issued “carry license” that permits them to carry a gun off campus. **

I just don’t understand why, especially in a city campus setting, it is legal to have a gun with a carry license on one side of the street but not on the other side of the same street, or just one block away or two. Many of these city campuses are dotted with school and non-school property so the whole area is often considered off-limits for legal carry. [INDENT] IUPUI student robbed at gun point


April 9, 2009

The victim told was up late studying and left the Medical Science Building to walk home.

The suspect pulled out a short barrel shotgun. . .


Here is another one from Friday. Unfortunately, this was a Murder/Suicide:

Police search for motive in Henry Ford Community College murder-suicide

Dearborn – Police are trying to piece together what led a 28-year-old male student to carry a shotgun into a classroom at Henry Ford Community College where he shot and killed a 20-year-old aspiring actress before turning the gun on himself Friday.

And another report, this from the Indiana University school newspaper, this store is adjacent to campus, essentially surrounded by the campus “gun free zone” policy/law.

[INDENT]An armed robber is on the loose after taking an undisclosed amount of cash from O’Malia Foods, 512 S. College Mall Rd., on Wednesday night.
. . .
Employee and IU senior Megan Williams was supposed to be working the cash register at the time but was asked to do something else, so the assistant manager took over.
. . .
IU senior Jessica Woodall, who also works at O’Malia’s, said she was walking back into the store after taking another customer’s groceries to their vehicle when she saw the robber calmly walking out of the store and through the parking lot.[/INDENT]

Alright…it’s Easter Sunday.

There are much better things to think about today than guns and crime. :smiley:

Ignore a problem and hope that it goes away? What about the victim of these crimes? Shouldn’t our thoughts and prayers be with them especially on Easter?

I think the opening post is trying to point out that they might not have even been a victim if backward laws didn’t disarm the innocent leaving them easy prey for those with evil intentions.

It just seems to me that if you advertise that there are loads of potential victims that have no way of defending themselves it is inviting the general law abiding public to be victimized. :eek: Try saying that four times real quick.:shrug:

I agree. My father worked in the emergency room in very dangerous part of the city when he first became a doctor. Residents were constantly coming in with gunshot wounds and doctors and other medical professionals were constantly being held up and in danger of their lives. My father eventually got a license and permit to carry a .45 from where he had to park his car (you had to park it in the streets - where ever there would be parking spots, so it could be blocks away) to the hospital.

My brother and I attended university also in a dangerous section of the city. Neither one of us ever carried a gun, although we both know how to handle them and shoot them, but my brother was held up a couple of times not even a block off campus. There were, I believe, 3 students murdered not far off campus within a 7 year period and at least one rape by a non-student inside campus who was held up at gun point my first year there. I sometimes wonder if those murder or the rape would have been avoided had they carried a weapon to defend themselves. Fortunately, after that, the on-campus security was really beefed up and is probably one of the safest areas of the city. So, I never felt in danger within the campus, but just walk off and you were in what the people called there, “the jungle”. It’s a shame because that university is actually really good.

I personally wouldn’t carry a gun myself even though I am comfortable around guns, but I actually don’t blame anyone for wanting to carry arms in areas like that.

+1. :thumbsup:

gun free zone = victim zone

= target-rich environment :frowning:


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