I'v been asked to give a talk


Our Church is trying to reach out to people who left the Catholic Church by inviting them to come back.
Part of the Evangelization process is to find reverts of the faith and ask them to help out by sharing their own expierence ( giving a talk to a group of people) everynight for the first week after Easter.
Well…this is where I come in, somehow my name came up and a Sister called me and asked if I could help out, my first thought was "oh no…I couldn’t possibly talk in front of people, I’m very shy and have a phobia of standing in front of a group to speek:eek:
but…then out of the blue! I found myself saying Yes Sister I’ll do anything I can to help out, God must have been working though her in a powerfull way as I couln’t beleive what just came out of my mouth:ehh:
Now it has really escalated and the local newspaper wants to do a story on this and will be contacting me for a “quote”…

Help! I’m really nervous…I don’t know much about Evangelization and where to begin. Telling my own story will be difficult but I’m praying to God to help me.:gopray2:


Don’t let the word “evangelization” scare you. Your own story told to others is evangelization…it is a testament to how God brought you back to the faith. Nothing more, nothing less. God uses our own stories to reach others in similar situations.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, just take some time before the Blessed Sacrament (if you have adoration) or hang out in the church near the tabernacle, and just let God talk to you. Bring paper, write down those thoughts that pop into your head, and write your story. Maybe make an outline.

Consider why you left the faith or quit practicing to begin with. Were they misunderstandings? Just a time of rebellion? Pressure from others who didn’t have any religion at all?

Then write about what brought you back–did you have questions that were answered? Was it concrete or just a walk of faith?

Just tell your story. Let the Holy Spirit worry about evangelization.


Our creativity comes from our unconsciousness, so you are just going to have to let it flow. Like JCPheonix said just let the Holy Spirit take care of evangelization and just talk with God. He’ll help you reach out to the people because if he didn’t want you to, you wouldn’t have the opportunity.

And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power. **1 Corinthians 2:4 **



I suggest you pray about it sincerely.

Completely ignore the possibility of the newspaper being there - it is entirely irrelevent. The newspaper might send someone, but I doubt it will have any impact on anyone - you, however, just might reach someone. Focus on reaching people who might identify with your story.
Next, make an outline of your own spiritual journey, and practice your “speech” a few times and then before a trusted liason. When you feel like you pretty much have it down, then pray some more and simply trust Him. Piece of cake!




Speak from your heart.

Try to remember what a tremendous gift God has given you and just try to share the gift.

And remember that you can’t do anything to change anyone’s mind. But by being a willing servant of God, the Holy Spirit can work miracles through your testimony.



So you are concerned about a quote or what you’ll say, huh?

Why not do as the Apostles did? LET THE HOLY SPIRIT SPEAK through you.

I have done that, and it works. Dont worry, just let what comes out - come out. The Holy Spirit will put words in your mouth.

Of course you must ask the Holy Spirit to help you, He is the best.


Humility, humilty, humility.


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