Ivdaeorvm. Verses Jews


Why is Jesus titled on the crucifix as Rex Ivdaeorvm. Not Rex juive. I thought Jews were called Jews since King David. What does ivdoeorvm exactly translate to?


Iudeorum translates to Of the Jews. Some concepts have more than one word for them.


Oh I see Judea in it now! Thank you Happy Good Friday!


‘Jew’ is actually just a shortened version of ‘Judaean’, which in turn comes from ‘Judahite’. Iudaeus is the Latin version of ‘Judaean’ (in Greek, it’s Ioudaios).

Actually, Jews were called ‘Judahites’ or ‘Judaeans’ only after the Babylonian Exile. It was the inhabitants of the southern Kingdom of Judah that got exiled, and it was their descendants that returned from Babylon, hence the reason why they were called that name.


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