I've been asked to be an RCIA sponser

Okay I am NOT well versed when it comes to our catholic faith. I know more than the average catholic on the street, but I’m certainly no scott hahn.

today at church, the couple who is in charge of the RCIA program at my church asked me if I would be interested in sponsering someone. they said there are around 20 candadates and only 3 of them have sponsers. I always throught that people asked family or friends to be their sponsers. I’m honered that they think I’m even remotaly qualafied to help lead someone to the church, but I am scared to death!:bigyikes:

so I’m just wondering if anyone here has ever sponsered someone before. what was it like? If I say yes, I plan on taking it very seriously. Is there some book I should read to help me get ready for questions? I have one small appologetics book that I plan on blowing the dust off of. I know a lot about the Eucharist and the other sacraments, but it’s the sacramentles where I get all lost. The little things, like genuflecting for example, that I’ll have a hard time explaining. I want to go in prepaired, Any advice?

thanks. :slight_smile:

Please consider doing this. You will learn more about your faith. You will be there to support this person, and be a good example.
I was a sponsor for three people, and the next thing you knew I was asked to be a RCIA teacher.
I had the Catholocism For Dummies book, and it is a good reference to have handy.
Don’t think you need to know all of the answers right away. If the person you sponsor has a question and you don’t know you can always tell them that and you will find out and get back to them, or ask the teacher.
I found it very rewarding and loved the bond I formed with those coming into the Church. My first time was with an 82 year old ex Marine.
Sponsors are sometimes difficult to find, and I hope you consider this. You are being called and what a great thing to know you are helping someone into our faith.
All my best

The fact that you even know who Scott Hahn is, puts you about 3 light years ahead of most Catholics. :smiley:

God bless you for responding to this call, you are playing a bigger part than you will realize at first in your candidates journey. They will have catechesis to explain the doctrine, that is not your main role. What they need most, usually, is someone to demonstrate “this is the way we Catholics do things” and help draw them into parish life. It is so lonely to join the Church and never be invited to participate in any of its ministries or activities.

We actually began on the road that led to our current status (I work for the parish on staff, DH is active in stewardship on several levels) by being RCIA sponsors. Wow what a great way to learn the faith and examine how well you are living your Christian commitment.

Three years ago I was asked to be a RCIA sponsor. I remember joking to myself at the time that I must be well known to have the RCIA director ask me personally.:smiley: I was a sponsor to a college student (we were close in age and we both had attended the same university though I had graduated a few months before I was asked). Well, I was her fill in sponsor since her sponsor was living elsewhere at the time. This person helped my candidate be reinterested in her Catholic faith and gaver her the push to receive the Sacraments.

At the time, I really didn’t learn anything new but I was able to reflect what I had learned and remembered from years of Catholic school and there was nothing taught that contradicted what I had learned in school. What I do remember having to demonstrate to my candidate was how to make the sign of the cross and what the holy water was for. It was a suprise that someone could walk into a church and not know what they were and what to do.

So totally do it.

I have sponsored 2 people, and both times I was amazed at how much I learned during RCIA. You will be blessed with more knowledge too…

My dh was asked to be a sponsor last minute for a guy and it wasn’t a good experience for him because the guy has some problems (mental) and assumed a lifelong obligation to him, it got kind of ugly.

Oh, please do this!

I’m about to start RCIA and I do not know anyoneenough to ask them to sponsor me, it will take a load off of new converts and you just may form new friendships that may last a lifetime!

Peace, and God bless you!

I’ve got to echo this 100%. :thumbsup: My husband and I are in the inquiry session of RCIA right now, and we’re really looking forward to the day we get sponsors. It’s going to be so wonderful to have someone to help answer our questions and share things with! Don’t be afraid or nervous. Your doing this will mean SO MUCH to someone else. (It will probably end up meaning more than you think to yourself, too!) :slight_smile:

Sample Godparent or Sponsor Job description (from the RCIA Leader’s Manual, Association for Catechumenal Ministry):

Specific Gifts Needed:
-Fully initiated and active registered parishioner of our parish, in good standing
-Love for Christ and his Church
-Basic understanding of the Church’s teaching
-Steadfast commitment to the teachings of the magisterium of the Catholic Church
-Evidence of a lived faith in one’s personal life
-Mature Christian understanding of the meaning of “servant” and “service”
-Punctual and flexible
-Good communication and listening skills
-Openness to new relationships
-Prudent and able to keep confidentiality

Specific Duties/Responsibilities:*
-Commit to daily prayer for the person you are seving
-Become familiar with the stages of the RCIA process
-Attend weekly RCIA sessions (as many as possible)
-Maintain personal contact between gatherings
-Attend RCIA retreats, relevant liturgical rites, and rehearsals as needed
-Assist pastor and other RCIA leaders with discernment of a participant’s readiness
-Offer spiritual support throughout the process to the person you are serving
-Model holiness, sacramental living, Christian charity, and prayer
-Work to draw the person into the life of the parish
-Answer doctrinal questions as you can; direct the person to catechists as needed
-Explain as you can liturgical and devotional practices; direct the person to catechists as needed
-Gently help the peson deal with life situations (family problems, need to forgive, etc.) in a Christian way
-Obtain a faithful intercessor who will agree to pray regularly for your work as a godparent/sponsor
-Strive to love the person as Jesus would

Wow! it sure sounds like a good thing from the way you folks discribe it. perhaps it’ll furither motivate me to do that daily rosery that I keep telling myself I should be saying. ('m about twice a week right now).

thanks for all your helpful advice. I appriciate it. I think I’ll do it.

Matthew 6 5 - 8

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