I've been feeling guilty


I’ve been feeling guilty for sleeping and napping so much. I want to be up and about and “about my Father’s business.” I am tired all the time. I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and do. I much rather be productive, pray more, meditate more and become closer to Our Father.

I know that I should not feel remorse as I have renal failure and one of the symptoms is fatigue. I didn’t wish it on myself nor would I wish it on others let alone relish the inconvenience of illness so I have sat myself down and hopefully in a spiritual manner have tried to analyze this.

  1. I really don’t feel very ill other than the back pain.

  2. I Am getting enough sleep 'though it may be interrupted and not quality sleep, often not deep Rem Sleep.

  3. I can still take care of myself and needs.

  4. I still find joy in life and comfort in that I know that the Lord loves me as I am.

  5. I still love chocolate…chocolate…chocolate!

  6. I count my many blessings and graces and give thanks to the Lord of all Cration.
    I didn’t start life with perfect health nor will I go out without aches, pains or discomfort. I guess if Jesus could hang on a cross I can bear whatever He asks of me
    I could go on. Others are far worse off and suffer greatly.


I struggle with my health a bit as well, especially when it comes to pain. Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone in feeling guilty about feeling like you’re not being productive enough. God understands though, I truly believe that with all my heart. I’m glad even with our suffering we can still find joy in our lives. God Bless.

“The life of a Christian is nothing but a perpetual struggle against self; there is no flowering of the soul to the beauty of its perfection except at the price of pain” ― Saint Padre Pio


Ask your doctor about getting tested for Sleep Apnea.


Have done that. Have O2 machine, CPak and stand by O2 tank. My present fatigue is from kidney failure and compounded by Sleep Apnea. I am a heck of a wreck for the shape I’m in, but I am a happy wreck. I have no complaints for I am blessed!


Praying while falling asleep is doing God’s work ! :pray::dove:



Am constrained by own medical condition. My medication schedule takes up 6 to7 hours of my day. Suffer from CHF (congestive heart failure) and A Fib, plus a host of other problems with major organs. I chalk it up to living a hard life as in “being ridden hard and put away wet, far too many times.” Reading your post, I said to myself, that’s me!. But I still work, love what I do, spend a lot of time working on some writing I love, and sleep a lot too.
Me, I’m just getting up there in years. Though, I have adopted the motto, “I may age, but I refuse to get old.”
God Bless.


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