I've been having dreams of exorcising demonic spirits for many times over


I remember before I became a Catholic, I've never had dreams like this. Sometimes they are so horrifying. I came from a non-christian background, mom is Buddhist. Until I moved to the States, I was never a Christian. The year I moved here, I got approached by Protestant teachings and was attempted to be baptized by many Protestant friends. After nearly 4 years of struggling of faith, I never felt Protestant faith is enough for me, personally I felt it's missing something (i truly feel that spiritually). In my junior year in high school, I asked a Catholic English teacher of mine: where's the closest Catholic church? And then ever since, my faith with the Church has connected. I was taking baptism classes (they take years to study life in faith) in the Church's ministry and shortly I left it and study the faith myself through research, debating with Protestants and reading books. One day after I just graduated from high school, I walked into an other Catholic church's office and wished to speak with the clergy. Father Liam, it's his name, met me and knowing I wish to be baptized, his questions for me are basic ones: do you believe in One God the Father, and Jesus Christ? and then, a surprising question: are you interested to join the priesthood? I was shocked. I never told anyone I had this kind of feeling, but he simply can tell? After a month of studying the catechism with a minister one to one, and the bishop granted me permission to receive 3 sacraments in once and baptized. This is a looooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggg background intro, but I just wanted to let you all know my background. Ever I joined the Church, I had have many dreams of me facing really wicked and demonic forces and ghosts, and I perform exorcism and yell out prayers in Latin to expel them. What can this be? I've never have dreams like this before I get baptized. Many of them are so evil such as witch raise from a pile of rotting blood, demonic ghost possessed a house things like that. Can someone give me some possible explanation? what can this dreams mean to me??


Perhaps you can discuss this with the priest who discussed and taught the faith to you.


My brother surround yourself with Christ and the saints for they will help and protect you. Try your hardest to remain in a state of grace pray constantly and maybe The Lord is calling you to be a exorcist of the church. If I do say so myself it’s a very brave and adrmirable job. May peace of The Lord be with you always.


Thank you for answering! I've been very interested in theology, demonology, many and all things that concerns with faith and knowledge. I have passion towards relics think they are once belonged to many giants in faith before us and I will feel they are so amazing. I've been praying to the Lord what his purpose and duty for me is on earth and hope he will guide me through so many wandering concerns. I have such weak will compare to many devout Christians, but I have such strong root in God that I never doubt my love and loyalty towards him. I have studied rather to become an exorcist will have to give up so many things.


One does not become an exorcist until well after he is ordained a priest, and only with the permission of his bishop.

My only advice is not to become too fixated on it, because a large part of priestly life is obedience to your bishop, not to your own will. If a priest or seminarian is fixated on one assignment – be it pastor, chaplain, exorcist, rector, chancellor, or (God help them) bishop – they stray towards pride, and career-ism (which Pope Francis has warned about several times). The best bet is to trust that God will guide your superiors to use you in the best way possible, and not to hope for one particular ministry or another.

That being said, I hope you're faith journey continues along as well as it has been going!

S. John Vianney, Ora Pro Nobis


And I will keep praying for His will. There are unordained exorcists or demonologist who help people without becoming priest but those are really rare cases. I am afraid if I will be ready to give away a lot of things to answer God's call (of course I will if it's His will). Thnx for helping answering


Well, :confused: I’ve heard that sometimes the devil does things like those to people that are becoming close to God. He knows he’s going to loose the battle for you against God so he tries to do all kinds of things… But you should probably talk to a priest, he will be able to guide you better and if needed find help for you…


Thank you! I will once I decide to do that. The priest that baptized me was reassigned back to ireland :bighanky:


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