I've been put on trial over my beliefs'


Longtime writer/journalist talks about defamation and free speech.(video) in Ireland.

He feels he has taken to task because of his personal beliefs on gay adoption.


There are other instances of the freedom of the press being restrained.

In London, a multitude of liberal journalists and artists responsible for everything from Monty Python to Downton Abbey sign an open letter in favour of the first state restraints on the British press in three and a quarter centuries.


I saw another article on what is going on in Ireland and the person was thinking of moving away. Maybe the same person. There is not a picture I don’t believe in the article cited in post #1.


There are many videos (pictures) where he tries to defend his writings and free speech.

Free speech in the USA is especially in trouble on the university campuses and is danger of being shut down when protesters who claim to be champion of free speech and open to diverse opinion attend the engagement with the only purpose to throw pies, bang drums and shut down the speaker’s right to speak as an invited guest.



Liberal comic Patton Oswalt got a quick lesson in the left’s thought control tactics, and the irony wasn’t lost on him.
Oswalt, a prolific character actor and stand-up, retweeted a column by noted conservative Mark Steyn that swatted our P.C. mindset.
Steyn, Oswalt tweeted, “hit it out of the park” on the issue of speech codes and our growing cultural penchant for stifling free speech.
That didn’t sit well with his liberal followers, forcing the comic to send out this explanatory Tweet:

RT’d an essay on PC censorship by @MarkSteynOnline. Now getting accused of agreeing w/Steyn on EVERYTHING, which proves Steyn’s point.



Poor Man.

But I applaud him nervetheless for standing up for his beliefs and the TRUTH. :thumbsup:

I particularly like this statement:

He went on to describe as ‘satirical’ the fight to introduce gay marriage, when the core of the traditional family unit remains so broken.

“There is something fundamentally wrong to go off then and to come up with a peripheral issue, which gay marriage is in my view, and to deal with that first, when the raw bloody core of our family law and our family life in this country . . . that is satire. It is a mockery of reality to actually deal with something so peripheral and marginal, when there is such a wound at the heart of our culture. So I make no apologies for calling it a satire. It is satirical.”

I agree with this totally. How is western civilization Ok with introducing gay marriage when it can’t even handle the decline of the traditional heterosexual family? :shrug:

Contradictory, indeed.


Yes. I found him to very articulate in his views which may be why he was a journalist.


Unfortunately I think that things like this are just going to get worse and worse. Those of us who stand up for the Truth about marriage being between one man and one woman ony are going to increasingly be attacked. They will of course call us bigots as they have already done and I’m sure they’ll continue calling us “homophobes” as well.


Waters had been a regular freelance columnist at the Irish Times since 1991, but was not on staff. He is also a former media correspondent at the newspaper…

Waters is believed to have been unhappy at the Irish Times in the wake of the homophobia debate which ignited after Rory O’Neill – aka Panti – appeared on RTE One’s The Saturday Night Show and was asked to name commentators who he believed were homophobic.(He named at least 6 who later filed a suit)
Waters was one of several people named by O’Neill, and who later received a financial settlement from RTE over the comments.
The Phoenix magazine reported last month that Waters also sent legal letters to the Irish Times over a column by journalist Una Mullally about the homophobia debate, demanding a retraction and an apology from his employer.

It seems he was named publicly on a TV show that was published on the Internet. The European Parliament even got involved.

The homophobe row and RTE’s payments to those who claimed they were libelled by the gay campaigner Rory O’Neil have caught the attention of the European Parliament. MEPs in support of gay and lesbian rights have been congratulating the Socialist MEP Paul Murphy for the speech he gave to the Parliament on Monday night. In his speech, delivered under parliamentary privilege, Mr Murphy referred to comments made by John Waters, Breda O’Brien and the Iona Institute as homophobic. Mr Murphy says RTE behaved in a cowardly and disgraceful manner by paying money to Mr Waters, Ms O’Brien and members of the Iona Institute.

Interviewee: Paul Murphy - Socialist Party MEP Dublin Constituency


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