I've found a way to put my ex to good use

I just wanted to post this because I am feeling very elated, Thanks be to God. :slight_smile:

I’ve been praying daily to overcome the frustrations I have towards my child’s father. :o Day by day I am becoming ever more grateful for God’s mercy because I am starting to see just how difficult genuine forgiveness is.

Tonight he came over to visit with the baby, and for a while I was just minding my own business half-studying/half-lurking on the computer. He was talking to my mom a little bit but for the most part it was quiet. There was a part of me that wanted to avoid having a conversation with him. Like, maybe he could just visit quietly with the baby and then leave. But the better part of me was like, “It doesn’t matter what kind of guy he is, in the end he IS a child of God just like you. He is your BROTHER so treat him like so. Get off your darn pedestal and acknolwedge his existence at the least. Good heavens.” :rolleyes:

I’m in nursing school and I need to practice various nursing skills. So, I came up with the grand idea of practicing my nursing skills on him :smiley:

That’s not wrong is it? I mean technically he is supporting his son in a way because by letting me practice on him, he is improving my chances of getting a good grade thus improving my chances of getting a decent job when I graduate. A good job means income to provide for the baby. Or is my reasoning faulty?

Ha, I think I was making him nervous because his heart rate and blood pressure were a little high :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t believe it is a good idea to use anyone for any reason, but it sounds like he may be a willing volunteer. You don’t want to teach your baby how to use people for their own advantage, but you do want to show your baby that the parents can get along… well, this is only my humble opinion.

God Bless!

If he is a willing volunteer and has no objections, then I think this may be a healthy way for you two to interact in front of your child. Your child sees parents working together toward a common goal…and this is good.

As long as the training doesn’t consist of trying to inject stuff in his veins without having an air bubble in there, I don’t see a problem. :wink:

It might lead him to a little respect for you and maybe inspire him to better his own career possibilities.

I was actually being a bit facetious when I used the word use :o

But thanks, you guys have made some good points.

And don’t worry, I wont be doing anything invasive :stuck_out_tongue:

I half expected to open this and see a you tube link to Heston running, sweating, yelling “soylent green is PEOPLE”.

Oh dear.

I think I came off totally the wrong way. I am going to pay more attention to my word usage here on out.

It would be nice if this thread could be deleted. :blush:

No, it’s high time we all had a chuckle.

And I think it is a refreshing thread. Shows that you are making a great attempt at being a good Mom by thinking of your babies future financially and emotionally by making an attempt to keep things on good terms with your X.

I didn’t get the impression at all the you are “using” him. A good friend use to practice checking my vitals too.

Good for you! :thumbsup:

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