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I sent a letter to my archdiocese with a plan on how to get rid of so much evil in America. I was e-mailed back, and told I had to send the letter to each archbishop and auxiliary bishop in the archdiocese. That is too much work for one person. So I’ve given up. Here is the letter I sent. (I’ve changed the Archdicoese name and my full name, for anonmnity)

To Bishops of the Archdiocese of N.,

I am sending you this letter to inform you of a plan I have formed, with which we can defeat the evil that plagues the United States. It is not a bloody revolution which I propose, but something else. Saint Paul stated that we do not fight flesh and blood - that is, one another - but prinicipalities, virtues, thrones - that is, demons. The causes of so much violence and evil in the United States ultimately comes from the devil, who is a murderer from the beginning and the father of liars. But the devil has successfully duped many Americans, by either making them forget his existence or thinking of him as a cartoon character. Yet we can lead many back to the truth, and ruin Satan’s work, with a simple plan.

First, by conversion. If we do not ourselve submit to Christ, neither can we expect others to do so. But conversion is a grace, and it requires sacrifice along with prayer. So we must make sacrifices, we must let go of those things which hold us back from doing God’s Will, even if they appear to be aiding us, and we must make the ultimate sacrifice of offering our wills to God, so that, no longing living as we will, we might live exclusively by His Will. If the bishops become exemplars of holiness, their doceses will become holy, for the son imitates the father and the sheep go where the shephard leads. Just as the widow persistantly begged the judge and got what she wanted, so too, if you persistantly preach the gospel - with words if necessary - you will win so many souls for Jesus Christ and the devil will lose so many souls from his clutches.

Second, by family prayer. It is not enough to rely on schools to educate children in the teachings of the Church and in the life of prayer; education begins at home, for the home is the domestic church. If the bishops demand - not cruely, but sweetly - families to pray the Rosary, and families obey, there will come about in America an amazing yet subtle change: first interiorly, then exteriorly. Hearts will change, and soon, behaviors, then laws, and then the nation will return to the Way of Life from the Way of Destruction. Mother Church has always recommended her sons to increase their prayers when evil increases, and she has always recommended the Rosary as an excellent prayer and devotion.

Third, by renewed education. The Catholic educational system in the United States, while, in my opinion, being the best educational system in the nation, nonetheless has flaws in it which must be taken care of. I propose that students be taught Latin: the elementary students taught the basics, and picking up the rest in the Latin Mass, while the middle and high school students taught writing and speaking, and learning more as they go to the Latin Mass. Learning Latin will aid Catholics in learning their faith. I propose also that students memorize the Catechism; they will not understand what they memorize, but, as they reflect on what they read, the meaning will become clear to them and they will grow in faith. And I propose that students go to the Latin Mass each school day, and learn about the day’s saints; such a liturgical education, so to speak, will inflame in their hearts a desire for God and a desire to be holy.

Fourth, by cooperation. The bishops must speak out against the evils in the nation, and remind America not only of God’s Mercy but also of His Justice, and of the reality of Heaven and Hell, and they must strengthen and encourage one another, both in words and good example, and they must instruct the priests, their co-workers, to speak out against the same evils and strengthen and encourage each other by words and good example. If this is done, than the laity will see a strong clergy, and they will back them up, even give them material support and assistance when needed, and so the Church in America will become stronger and bolder in charity and truth than she already is. And this will weaken the devil’s attacks on the Church, especially his attack on the consciences of Christians.

This is the plan that I propose, and I submit to Your Eminences. If my plan includes errors, I pray you will correct me. And if you deem it fit to put into practice, I pray you will not be intimidated by Satan. But whatever you so choose, I hope and pray for you all, for their flocks, and for all the Church. May Jesus Christ give you mercy and grace, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary. His Mother and your Mother. God bless!

With the love of Jesus,


I am not qualified to speak this part for any bishop; nonetheless, I admire your zeal to fight the devil.

On one small note: if you know the work is too much for one person, then you might consider that it takes more than one person to come up with a plan to fight evil. :slight_smile:


You haven’t really offered any new insight or ideas.


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