I've had enough!


Dear friends.
I am sick and tired of myself. Sometimes I eat so much chocolate and cakes etc… that I end up feeling dizzy in the evening and restless and feel so tired of myself that I just want to pyke.
This has been going on for years. I have confessed it many times… recently I lived as a normal human being without all the cakes for one month…A cold tyrkey… no cakes etc… I have given up coke all together and am hapy about that… but the cakes… they came back, I have no idea why… I was so happy without them and found out that I dont need them… but now again I feel the cakes are eating me almost.
Now I am accountable to you! for the next few days… I know I can do it, so why aren’t I doing it…



How funny that you posted this… At this very moment there is carrot cake on my kitchen counter that is screaming, “EAT ME!!! EAT ME!!!” Last night when I had a piece (ok - two pieces) like you, I felt so sick. How 'bout this… I won’t eat the carrot cake… and you don’t eat any cake either. For today.

Tomorrow is a new day. Let’s just get through today.



I’m sorry you’re struggling. :frowning:

What about finding a substitute… instead of eating cake, maybe try 2 small cookies, or just a few small pieces of chocolate. Or what about a glass of cold chocolate milk (or Ovaltine! :D)… or try the 1/2-fat ice cream - just a small bowl.

I love sweets, so I couldn’t imagine going totally cold turkey eliminating it from your diet - that’s when you can just binge from cravings. Try lighter substitutes! :thumbsup:


I got a big scare last week when – after a few weeks of consuming tons of sugar – my blood sugar level dropped to the point that I felt hungry and weak (hypoglycemia)! This is especially worrying since my dad has diabetes.

I decided to join the gym (again).


That’s a good point Em. Some people do better when they allow themselves just a bit… like small piece of cake. Others, (ME!!!) have a small piece and then go back for three more “small pieces.” I am better off going cold turkey. If I go enough days without sweets, I don’t even crave them anymore. It’s just getting over the inital urge.

Everybody’s different I suppose? :shrug:


I was just sitting here thinking about how I need to focus on my health, eating healthy foods, exercising, etc… and then clicked on your thread randomly.

Then as I sit reading your words and nodding along what am I doing? Eating chocolates. :mad:

Ugh. Well this is the last of them at least. My cousin got married last week and she handed them out as wedding favors. Is it worse to throw out the nice little treats or to be a big fat glutton?


“For I do not do the good I want, but I do the evil I do not want.” (Romans 7:19)

You are not alone!

Stupid concupiscence!


I am like you.
It’s all or nothing.

It’s over now…
From now on I am in control! The last cake is out in the trash.
Im back on the horse.
I prayed for grace.

And no small cookies… don’t tempt me guys!


By the way… there is no saying how many gifts and blessings of God that I have missed out off because of this sin of my flesh that has been ruling my life…

Tuesday is a good day to re-start my new life :slight_smile:


Hi. Maybe you are experiencing a sugar imbalance. You have the will because you proved it to yourself; so you’re on the right track. See your doctor or call a nurse and ask her. Take care.


Good luck! What worked for me and my wife (and even my MIL) was to keep a journal counting our calories. It’s easy to grab that cookie or piece of cake, but much harder when you have to write it down and watch the impact it has on the amount of calories you ate that day. It was a good way for us to hold ourselves accountable.


People that inspired me:
A colleague and a friend.
One gave up smoking 20 cigs a day and drinking coffee all the time. He took a cold turkey… now he drinks green tea:)
Another friend stopped smoking also from one day to the next. I asked his advice. he said: “I just stopped”.
That’s how I also started last time… no talk about it… no negotiations with my self. Just rid my self of the cakes and all that stuff. I don’t want it. I’ll pretend it does not exist. I only have one life… if my vanity is then the driving force and not my spiritual life, then so be it. I admit it… I dont want to have the skin of a 45 year old when I am 27, I dont want to be fat and feel bad about myself… I don’t wanna feel sick any more so I isolate myself. I dont want my hair to look dead or my face to have pimples…
Also I want to be healthy, maybe have a family one day…and to have control over myself.

Peace… I’ll get back to you tomorrow on my first day of victory. :thumbsup:


Aww GraceDK - isn’t it amazing how some stupid little cake can produce such torment!
I think everyone has been there. Craving cakes may be your body’s way of telling you that is lacking some vital nutrient. Maybe taking inventory of what you are eating and where you are lacking (maybe protein?) might end the cake madness.

I personally love snackwells devil’s food cookies. They are fat free (not sugar free though, but not as much sugar as you might imagine) and they are moist and delish in my opinion.


You might want to consider what Mercy and others have said. The body craves what it needs. Often when it is claiming sugar there are other deficiencies going on. Do you get enough protein in your diet? Often if you up your protein levels you find you crave less sugar.

Talk to your doctor about this.


:thumbsup: Good for you for taking charge! I have struggled with food and overeating most of my life, I’m an emotional eater and there is usually plenty of emotion in my life. :wink: Hang tough, and lean on Him!


Your resolve is inspiring, Grace! Blessings and luck to you :slight_smile:


I agree it could be a physical deficiency of some kind but don’t discount other things. Perhaps your over eating is an emotional reaction. Try to find out the real cause. It may sound like a strange suggestion but perhaps you should talk to a counselor or spiritual director. This could be much deeper than it appears. I have struggled with a certain problem for most of my life (okay I’m only 21 but its amazing how far back bad habits can be traced) and finally had to accept pure will power won’t stop it. But the combination of knowing the reason for the problem and will power is working for now.

God’s grace and peace to you.


Have you considered giving up cake as a sacrifice for someone else’s need? Maybe you know someone who needs God’s grace or healing or love. Tell God that you will give up cake for this person’s need. When we fast, God smiles. Consider it a fast. Use your sacrifice!


:)Believe it or not but some medications can make you crave sweets or food in general. If you start the day with one spoonful of sugar you will proberly want more, it is called a sugar high. But then after you need more: it can be very addictive. Try to start your day without sugar. Do not go compleatly without it once in a while you can baby yourself.Woman are notorious for chocolate, I am. Love of Christ Nancy


Good idea.


Dear everyone.
Day one went well. I am still on the horse… the horse seems smaller now actually and tame… not like the wild stallion I saw running towards me yesterday in the super marked where I gave up without a fight and bought those ugly gross cakes that are only out to shorten my days and make me ugly and useless.

Bad food is my enemy, It’s not worthy of me.

Orchanian… I have thought about that yes… many times, especially before my last attempt. I have a friend who is suffering from a serious addiction and i wanted to sacrifice for him… However I have to say it did not motivate me to take action more than one or two days at the time.
Rather my vanity has been the serious driving force to really get me started… along with a fear that I am causing damage to my brain and body if I continue my abusive gluttony any longer.

God knows about my friend whose name is on my lips when I pray. He also know that I have no sacrifice to pay that could loosen the chains of anyone. Only the free Grace and Blood of Jesus, His mercy that I invoke. Everything already belongs to Him…

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