I've left Freemasonry!!!

Dear All,

It is with immense pleasure that I can now say that I have totally severed my ties to Freemasonry. I have just filed my resignation letter.

I was initiated last October, when I was very much away from the Church. On January, I started to revert back to Catholicism, and my membership in a Masonic association has greatly troubled me ever since. I never really found the courage to let go of it, especially given the fact that when I started to have these thoughts I had only been a Freemason for a few months.

I really wanted to be able to reconcile Church doctrine and Freemasonry, but it is impossible. As Catholics, we are deprived of Christ as Mediator with the Father within the context of masonic activities. Although I commend Masonic charitable activities and have met some very nice people within Freemasonry, I could not go on lying to God and being incoherent with my belief and my practice of Catholicism. Through much prayer, I asked the Lord to guide me through this process and to point me in the right direction. Well, as I was praying yesterday, I just got up and wrote and emailed my letter - as if some supernatural force got hold of me and wrote it. Jesus was acting through my heart!

I went to Confession this morning, repented, and am now fully Catholic. How nice!!! I am so happy! God is good!

I prayed a Rosary as penance and asked Mary to pray for my Masonic brothers to abandon Freemasonry and embrace Catholicism, especially those who profess a belief in Jesus. I encourage you all to do the same.


I really don’t know much about Masons, so I am not really sure what the contradiction between their beliefs and the Church are, but I do know that Catholics are not supposed to be Masons. Welcome back!:slight_smile:

Christ, the Good Shepherd, leaves the 99 sheep to bring back the one that is missing! Welcome back! Glory to God for all things! :slight_smile:

That is so true, welcome back and blessings :thumbsup:

Welcome Home! Catholic Answers has a “Quick Answers” item on Freemasonry for anyone who needs a quick summary of the differences.



Welcome back, brother. May the peace of Christ be with you!

Can you discuss how this is so? I would like to learn more. Thanks.



Deo Gratias!

Tim (and anyone else interested) -

Freemasonry is a very noble institution if we are to look at it with regard to what it does for society, for the disadvantaged, and for people in need. In this sense, it may be regarded as a community that operates very much on the same level as that of the Church.

Moreover, you will find that many people within Freemasonry are well-intentioned family men who are really nice. It is essentially an institution that works for the amelioration of men via a sense of community and brotherhood.

Everything you read on the internet about it being involved in Satanic worship is absolutely nonsense. Please do not trust anything you read on the internet about Freemasonry. 90% of it is false and slander.

What bothered me about Freemasonry, and what prompted me to leave it yesterday, is very much the same reason the Church condemns it. To be initiated as a Freemason there are 3 requirements. One has to be a man over 18 or 21 (depends on the Lodge), one has to enter by free will, and - most importantly - one has to believe in a Diety. And here is where the problem lies. Masonic meetings frequently start and end with a prayer to the Great Architect of the Universe (GAOTU) (God). The problem is that, since members are usually from diverse religious backgrounds, the GAOTU is not defined as being the One True God (the one we worship) but rather just a concept that anyone can adapt to their religious tendencies. For example, the Hindu might be addressing one of their Gods in said prayer, a Pagan might be worshiping nature (or whatever it is they worship) etc. etc. Essentially, by praying to the GAOTU at the start and end of each meeting, I am indirectly acknowledging that God isn’t One, that he didn’t become man for us and die for our sins. I am basically consenting to the idea that God is whatever people imagine him to be, that all the concepts of God are equal. In this sense, by participating in this small part of the meeting, I am consenting to the notion that it is not God that created man in his image, but man that creates God in his image. I am consenting to the notion that Christ isn’t our Mediator, and that we can arrive to the same Truth (God) via different paths. This is the epitome of relativism. THIS IS WHY FREEMASONRY IS NOT COMPATIBLE TO CATHOLIC DOCTRINE, WHICH TEACHES THAT GOD IS THE GOD OF ISRAEL WHO BECAME MAN AND DIED FOR OUR SINS. etc.

For example, among members at the Masonic Lodge I attended, there were Catholics, Jews, Pagans, and Pantheists. When we were praying in unison, who were the prayers actually directed to? Was it Our God, ‘Mother Nature’, or plants? I think I was breaking the First Commandment all along. I just came to this realization thanks to the wisdom granted to me by Jesus through prayer.

Freemasonry is not a religion as some people might want you to believe, but it is absolutely incompatible with Christianity. Moreover, the rituals and religious-like ceremonies that take place gradually started to freak me out more and more. Why do I need to attend those when I can encounter God in the Liturgy? I finally realized I had to decide between the two. The choice was the easiest I’ve ever made in my life. But it was difficult to let go of Freemasonry, especially given the relationships I’ve built in the last year with my fellow Masons.

I joined when I was away from the Church and I guess it was part of the quest we all have of finding the Truth which, as the Catechism says, is inherent to human nature. Having discarded the Church long ago and having decided that all other religions were bonkers (although I still believed in Jesus and God, the Trinity, etc.), I must have joined Freemasonry because I thought it could provide me with some sort of spiritual peace. I was wrong. Big time. After I reverted back to the Faith (which I have to say was also partly due to what is taught to every Mason, to value your own religion - so kudos to them for that), I came to realize that everything I needed was there in the Eucharist and in the Church. There was no need and no place for Freemasonry. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, please feel free to follow up on this.

No, that is false. Of course, Freemasonry varies very much by region. So there might be Lodges that do such things but they’d never be recognized as legitimate by UGLE (English Freemasonry - the original one, and the one I was part of). For example the French Freemasons, who are known to have concieved the brutal and Godelss ideals of the French revolution, do not require that their members believe in God as UGLE does. As such, they are not recognized by UGLE, which is the oldest Masonic organization in the world. Other Masonic associations that have been at the cause of certain negative historical events (for example P2 Lodge in Italy - check wikipedia, I do not have time to explain it here) are not recognized by UGLE. UGLE is a morally sound organization, and it is headed by the Duke of Kent, one of the Queen’s sons. It does not engage in any sort of undercover conspirational activity. In fact, the discussion of politics is forbidden within Masonic meetings there as is the case in most regions.

As I said above, please do not believe the things you read about Freemasonry on the internet, as virtually everything you find is based on lies, written by people who either wish to distort others’ opinions, who wish to enact revenge on Masons for some reasons, and many are also written by Fundamentalist Christians. Please do not believe anything you read on Protestant/Baptist websites about Freemasonry.

If you read what the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith says about Freemasonry, they will explain exactly what I’m saying with regard to why it is incompatible for Christians.

Legitimate Masonic organizations need to be respected and commended for their work, it is only incompatible with Catholic Doctrine. That is my point.

Thanks.I just worry that numerous judges lawyers and others in positions of power and authority are part of this 'brotherhood" .Many saints have spoken about secret societies trying to destroy the Catholic church and rebuild her in their own image. There could easily be sects such as these that work to undermine Catholic teachings and morals.

There are obscure sects such as ones you have pointed. But you must not confuse them with the Free and Accepted Masons. There are obscure sects that say they are Masonic (Order of the Golden Dawn, for example), but they are not recognized as such by legitimate authorities within the world of Freemasonry. Also, an organization that defines itself as ‘secret’ is not Masonic in most cases.

Plus, you can pretty much find all the normal Masonic rites and codes on the internet (on reliable websites whose purpose is not to denigrate the institution). So it’s not REALLY secret if you do some research.

I am pretty sure you need to fulfill some obligation with your diocese as well. I remember reading something about you formally renouncing the cult. It’s not just a document you send to the lodge or whatever it’s called, but a document that goes to your bishop.

It used to be required. It’s been a few years that the Church has only required Confession.

Canon Law changed in 1983. Before that, the formal obligation that you talk of was necessary as joining Freemasonry carried the punishment of excommunication. Joining Freemasonry is now considered grave sin but is no longer punished by excommunication.

And I will raise you :popcorn::popcorn: .

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Is there any difference between this and praying at the start of a meeting where not everyone else is Catholic?

Yes, because if you pray in a meeting where not everyone else is Catholic you will be most likely saying your own prayers rather than a single one to a ‘Great Architect of the Universe’ who is whatever people want him to be. Plus, if you participate in prayer with a Muslim, Jew or non-Catholic Christian, you will stay be praying to the God we know and worship. If you start praying with Buddhists and Pagans then I suspect you’d be breaching the First Commandment - which is exactly what went on in Masonic meetings.

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