I've lost all of my respect for Family Guy

Seth McFarlane is a brillant comedian. He sees the ludicrous side of life and that is probably why Family Guy appeals to me. But he also tends to be a bit preachy on his own views.

Sometimes I find myself wondering if he is a bit uncertain on his own views. For example he obviously thinks that gays should be allowed to marry but he presents homosexuality in a way that seems to indicate that gay people make him uncomfortable.

The whole old man/child predator bothers me. I wish that he would leave that out altogether

I don’t think he’ll leave anything out. He’s even joked about Muslims, which is quite bold, if you ask me. (Maybe he’s not really alive anymore. Maybe they assassinated him after the Muslim jokes, and a look-alike was substituted, and the new shows reflect this substitution.)

On Sunday’s episode, he included a joke about Pearl Harbor. Wow–that was a bomb (oops, I just made a joke about Pearl Harbor, didn’t I?).

And in one famous joke, he made fun of John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife crashing their plane.

He’s done plenty of incest jokes.

And assassination of Presidents and MLK jokes.

I can’t recall any abortion jokes, but I’m sure they’ve been done. However, in the first season, there’s a great episode that chronicles Baby Stewie’s journey from fertilization to being born. Frankly, I think it’s an awesome (and very funny) pro-life and pro-family episode–the joke’s on Seth McFarlane–you preached a conservative value!! Ha ha!

I loved the Star Trek and God as Flash Gordon too!

If you guys noticed Meg became protestant in the show (being saved and born again from a tv evangelization show). I think Brain dissuading her speaks to a deeper level, that people who claim to Christians these day have a very shallow attitude towards their faith and that it is based on emotions and whatever celebrity is endorsing it (Madonna and Cabala anyone?).

I would interpret Brian as looking for the true faith. Being atheist let him down cause the girl he fell in love with who was atheist was a slut (sleeping with Cleveland then Quagmire) in Season 7 Episode 1.

Good observation.

Yes, the issue of “celebrity preachers” was raised on Family Guy, and I believe Brian was absolutely right to condemn Meg’s “religion,” which really wasn’t true Christianity at all, but Cameronism.

And interestingly, that very day here on CAF, a poster in one of the other sections described her despair and confusion. She’s been listening to KIRK CAMERON and she’s not sure she believes what the Catholic Church teaches anymore.

If that thread had appeared after Sunday night, I would have been convinced that it was someone pretending to be Meg Griffin just to get a rise out of people. But no, that thread and that poster were REAL, and it was quite heartbreaking to read of her anguish and confusion.

Let’s don’t forget that Family Guy has had a surprisingly positive show about the Pope. It was the one with Peter’s father.

I often wonder if Seth McFarlan is searching himself, so I keep in my prayers.

It is nice to see that I am not the only fan of this show on this forum.:slight_smile:

This is not quality entertainment. It obviously contains words and images that everyone should avoid. Meditating on such things does have an effect on people.


Ever notice that God spelt backwards is dog? I’m thinking that eventually Brian will be revealed to be more than he seems. As in “Life of Brian” perhaps. Stay tuned.

Sorry mate, can’t help myself. Mass communication graduate here, the media is my life and my discipline asks me to not take things at face value.

He also showed Stewie and Brian knocking him off the balcony when he was forced to wake up by one of the cardinals (S3 ep20). The pope sounded Italian though and was definitely not a morning person.

There are many references to our faith, some of em funny, some of em not. The humor is dark and I guess there are some who would be sensitive to it. I for one take it in good stride and can only remember one or two scenes which I really don’t approve of and skip while re-watching them. It doesn’t spoil the other 19mins 30sec of the show though.

If such a show offends then don’t watch it. Watch American Dad, that’s not too bad and I love that show too. But if you’re generally offended by dark humor then stay away from both these shows and The Simpsons cause sometimes they push the envelope (S20 ep13 had a Da Vinci Code/National Treasure-esque show that sent Lisa looking for the treasure of St Terese of Avila :eek: ).

I saw George Carlin live in the 1970s and there was a lot to his act that could be called intelligent, even brilliant. 30 years laters and he can’t stop saying f***. He can’t stop degrading marriage and having kids - “pumping out a unit.” He can’t stop being angry about people in general.

Family Guy is Dysfunctional Family Guy in the Extreme. Dysfunctional is the “modern” character template for cartoons and soap operas and TV in general. This is wrong. Speaking as a professional writer, and as a Catholic, we are told to avoid things like this no matter how clever they appear. And, as a writer, I am responsible for everything I write. And will be held accountable before God.

It seems a few people here are saying, well, 20% of the shows have some ‘good’ or humorous parts. Which means what? It’s like saying, after I remove the excrement from this food, a few edible items are left on my plate. Be careful about what you put into your head.


I watched the episode and I don’t agree with your point of view. It was just a funny show, that actually dealt with the fact that Atheists exist in America.

Did you get a kick out of the clip of God riding a Jet Ski out in the Universe somewhere?

That was funny.

…at their ultimate success upon imposing a world wide Christian Theocracy. :rotfl:

i occasionaly watch FG just to get away from relaity and the simplicity of it really dumbs things down from me in this complicated world. but i hate the episodes that are perverted or cruel though.

I work in the mass communication media. I deal with creators all the time. I suggest you get a copy of The Creation of The Media by Paul Starr; subtitle: Political Origins of Modern Communication. Mister Starr is a Pulitzer Prize winner.

As a professional fiction writer and a student of military history, Family Guy is the perfect vehicle, just like most “comedy” today, to throw propaganda at people. I mean, I’ve watched amateur Bible scholar Whoopi Goldberg explain Leviticus as part of her act. Be honest. If I was running a Ministry of Propaganda, I’d use whatever media were available.


Coming to a natural conclusion…is the Bible and all religious media then, not a perfect vehicle for religious propaganda?

I’ll have to write one about the atheist Technocracy. You know, when giant corporations and people with lots of money are in charge. When particularly bright but evil people decide who lives and dies. When different experts compete for followers. Only to be deposed when someone else comes along with a better ‘argument.’

Do not be blind to the Truth. The mind of man is limited and God has given us saints, examples by which to live life more abundantly. That is real life.


By definition, propaganda is a form of manipulation. It combines truth with fiction to subtly guide people in a particular direction. The Bible and the Catholic Church are revealed as truth spiritually and then physically. A person becomes convinced of the Gospel of Christ by hearing but is drawn by the Father. When you accept the Son then the Holy Spirit comes to you through Baptism. You are born again as a new creature; a spiritual birth.

Of course, the Bible has been misused by propagandists and by those who would defraud people by misusing their trust. In the end, by their fruits you shall know them. And the fruit of watching Family Guy is what? The dad gets a shot of the ‘gay gene,’ becomes gay and leaves his wife and family?


Thanks Ed, will check out the book. But if you claim that FG is the perfect vehicle to throw propaganda at people could you elaborate on which episodes, scenes or even tones of the show propagate an ideology? Because I do re watch these shows over and over (I also use them as background noise when I do the chores) and they seem to make fun of everything and show no reverence to anything hence would be difficult to
propagate anything.

The method is simple:

Something that is supposed to be funny is used to desensitize people to all the things it portrays. If I wrote stories, even funny or comedic stories, and included gay characters or scenes involving sexual situations, I know, for a fact, that it will inspire related thoughts in my readers. To portray those ideas, even by using cartoon images, I add another layer of influence because the visual reenforces the words.

You know those lovable Disney characters? Snow White? Mickey Mouse? How would your perception of their entertainment value, in fact, your perception of the entire company, change if say, a Mickey short with a gay character was done? Of course, the Gay-Leftist media would trumpet something like: The Mouse Grows Up and He’s Not a Prude or Disney Becomes Inclusive.

You see? For Catholics, enjoying such portrayals and their associated messages, should be outside of our comfort zone. The sleazy, sinful, and, at times, blasphemous, words and images should not be called entertainment.

If you look closely at the modern media, you will notice that certain words and images are promoted and cross-promoted across all platforms. It’s not enough to produce ‘mindless’ entertainment to vacuum the house by. It is a vehicle to promote certain ideas in the so-called ‘marketplace of ideas.’ Listen to a member of US military intelligence. He will describe war as a battle with competing ideas. It happens here as well.


Yes, key word being related. That would be the Agenda Setting Theory. For example the news agencies that publish articles can’t necessary make people follow their interpretation of the news, but they can make them think about the subject.

Yes the media might propagate that but it doesn’t mean the viewer will receive the same message. They might not choose to follow the interpretation of Disney being Inclusive but it might stir the thought process of the history of homophobia and the uncharitable way they were treated. And that’s just one of the thousands of interpretations that people can come up with. Things are not always that cut and dry.

Or, one could watch the show and think to himself “Hmm, why do people have such a perception of us? Are we really like this?” and go read up on their faith to answer such questions and thereby gaining some apologetic knowledge for the defense of their faith. And as before this could be one of the many thought processes people might come to think about. It’s always subjective.

But with FG these “marketplace of ideas” are all made fun of. Since it’s cynical to every kind of ideology it would be hard to promote any hidden agenda.

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