I've made a mess of my sacraments


The information comes in handy when you’re compiling the parish statistics for the diocese but that’s about the only time it’s used. Simply recording the number of first communicants would provide the necessary info, unlike the stats we have to report on baptisms and marriages.


I’m a dentist, and I resent the “yelling dentist” analogy :D:rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

On the complexity scale of things priests deal with, this is pretty low on the list. They are usually more than happy to correct these things and guide you to a proper reconciliation. I agree with the advice about refraining from Communion until you can be “regularized”. In the meantime, take peace in knowing that you are seeking Christ and responding to his calling you home.


Yes, well, you see, I am also avoiding the dentist because I am very delinquent in getting a cleaning and I am embarrassed about being very delinquent in getting a cleaning. I actually considered going to see a completely different dentist to get my teeth cleaned before going back to the family dentist so that I could nonchalantly pretend that my teeth are just that clean because I’m so good about flossing.

And, yes, I am well aware that this is equally if not more irrational, but that’s just my brand of neurotic.

In any event, I did see the priest and was assured that this is, in fact, both common and easily fixed and he was even gracious enough not to laugh at my ridiculousness. Now I just need to see the dentist…


Your one-for-one. Get to the dentist and go two-for-two:thumbsup: Here’s what always starts off these types of appointments on a positive note: “Doc, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you for a cleaning, and I’m a little embarrassed, but I know you have always taken good care of me.” End of conversation, and you’re back on track. Most dentists and hygienists appreciate your confidence in them and will happily re-integrate you into a routine.


It is not canonically required to do so. What is the use anyway, when anyone can approach the line during Mass and receive freely?

QUAERITUR: No record of First Communion in Baptism records! What to do?

On the other hand, it can be required by particular law in the diocese. So this is a location-dependent question and it is not true that one answer fits all. But in the absence of particular law, no, it is not required.


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