I've made the first step

I have attended Mass for about a month and a half now, on average of about four times per week. I attended Latin Mass again tonight, after it ended I finally approached our Priest and said “Father, I am interested in the RCIA course” I am excited to be finally looking to start my journey towards becoming Catholic.

Thanks be to God! I am very happy for you.

Fantastic news!

I am sure God will guide you in your approach to becoming a catholic.

God Bless You

Welcome Home! You will be an awesome Catholic! :smiley:

Congratulations! Welcome home. We will be praying for you! :smiley:

Tonight is my last RCIA class! It was the best decision I could have made. I feel at home.:slight_smile: Congratulations!!

That’s so great! You will enjoy your journey through RCIA and will have a wonderful fellowship with your fellow travelers.

God bless you!!

Oh how wonderful!!! I just went through RCIA last year and it was the greatest decision I ever made. :slight_smile: Welcome home, welcome to Christ’s family (well you were in it before you just didn’t know it! Haha)



I would also say…keep praying and keep going to mass.

By the way, you had mentioned in another thread that your mom attended the Good Friday services with you…how did it go for her? And how did it go for you?


Praise God! Welcome home!

I was just confirmed at the Easter vigil, congratulations!
Until RCIA starts you might consider reading “Catholosism for Dummies” Rome Sweet Rome" and the “Surprised by Truth” series.
That is what I did and I loved it and learned a great deal as well.
Also apologetics on CAF is very helpful :slight_smile:
Again congratulations and God bless



Welcome Home!

Wonderful! Great!! And welcome!!!

I still remember how excited I was when I approached the priest about converting nearly 6 years ago now.

Good for you!



Thanks be to God! I have prayed for you.:slight_smile:

That’s great news–welcome home!:slight_smile:

To celebrate, here’s a link to Fr. Rrobert Barron’s inspiring Word on Fire-- a great place to nourish your faith!

wordonfire.org/ :heaven:


Very happy for you and for us all. :slight_smile:

Praise God!!

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