I've never heard of this aspect of Marian spirituality




We have a Mary / rosary garden at our Church.I helped pick out flowers whose colors coincide with the colors of the different mysteries Luminous mysteries-purple; glorious yellow/gold; Sorrowful-Red; Joyful-white.Then I picked flowers with Marian connotations or related to Jesus.
For instance, I picked a yellow coreopsis with a fleck of red in the middle.It medieval parlance it was called"Christ’s eye" the red symbolizing the Blood in Jesus’ eye after He was beaten. White Madonna Lilies and so forth.:slight_smile:


Mary garden... sounds familiar:D
One day I would like to have a nice garden like this one... with statues and benches and lots of trees, you know, a place where you can just sit and pray or read, wind down. It's almost like there's no silence in the world any more!


Devotional flower arranging or cooking is a bit complex for me. The rosary works fine for me.


its a (usually) simpler variation of having a stations of the Cross.
less expensive, and less "things" to be stolen


I've never heard of this either. But it sounds like a beautiful way to have a holy reminder of our Blessed Mother. Thanks for posting about this.:)

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