IVF clinic 'raffles' off human egg - and let the winner chose what race she wants

How often have pro-life advocates and faithful Catholics been insulted as being less than intelligent? How often have our society’s teachers, doctors, lawyers and officials chided that abortion, IVF and contraception are justified by crises of individual’s lives?

And yet it has always been about this, and it all comes down to this - the human being as the ultimate commodity:

Fertility doctors were blasted for cheapening human life today after they offered a human egg as the first prize in a raffle.
The lottery winner will be able to select their ideal donor egg based on its mother’s ethnic background, hair colour, educational qualifications and upbringing.
The contest is being held in Britain, although the egg will have to be fertilised and implanted in America to get around the UK’s fertility laws.
The raffle - which takes place in London on Wednesday - is designed to promote an international egg donation scheme run by a London fertility clinic and an IVF centre in the US.
The free IVF cycle and donor egg is worth an estimated £13,000.


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