Before I came to this site, I had no issues with IVF, neither did the Christians I knew from work and/or went to church with.

I think all Christians would agree that life begins at conception and as far as I am aware most agree (at least the church I went to) that abortion is wrong.

It never even crossed my mind that in IVF, fertilised eggs (ie conception) are destroyed and/or stored maybe to never be put to use.

I know a couple who are very opposed to abortion but happily conceived a child through IVF and are now attempting their second round.

My question is for this couple who believe life believes at conception and that abortion is wrong, how do they compromise with IVF? Is it just that like me, they were unaware of what IVF entails? Would they believe there is a difference? I could understand if they accepted abortion, but they don’t?


Don’t know, don’t care, don’t want to know? We all have our excuses for our sins, don’t we? And we are all going to have to answer for them someday.

Introduce the couple to NAPRO technology…


I have a worker here who sunk thousands into IVF, Napro is at least half the cost, I think more successful and is Church approved.

Some research would be worth it before sinking in cash and soul to IVF.

I think it is ignorance and a lack of thinking about it. Kind of like how I thought the Bible could be the authority without the Church, just never really gave it a lot of thought. :slight_smile: Before I started my faith journey, I also had no problem with IVF and contraception. Catholic Answers changed my heart and showed me the truth.

Many never think about it or don’t know how IVF works. Some compartmentalize and convince themselves they are not doing anything bad. Some are so determined to have a child at any cost they just don’t care.

Remember, the brain has the power to rationalize the things we want. It is very powerful. Our wills, when set towards something, are hard to reason with! This is the root of sin, our will and intellect turning away from God and from even the knowledge that something is wrong and convincing ourselves it’s not wrong for me, not wrong in this case.

If you want to read more extensively what the Church has to say about artificial reproductive technologies, you can find these two documents on the vatican website:

Donum Vitae
Dignitas Personae

That is my thought too. Many will find a way to rationalize it simply because its what they want. They let their heart’s desire blind them. It allows them to overlook what happens to the “extra” children produced and their ultimate fate.

Of course, as you know, using IVF even without destroying or freezing any fertilized eggs is still immoral. Disconnecting the unitive (sexual intimacy) and procreative (fertilizing eggs) aspects of the conjugal act is, under normal circumstances, mortally sinful. People have a right to be conceived in an act of love rather than as a science experiment.

Why do people do it? It probably varies with each couple, but the desire to have a kid plus the doctors trying to make it seem okay by using as much dehumanizing jargon as possible, plus society saying its fine is sometimes enough for people not to think too deeply about it. It’s one of the real dangers of being outside the Church. Your Christian denomination might not teach that something like IVF is sinful. Ignorance is not bliss.

Oh they moved my post which explains why catholics have answered. I had posted it in the non catholic section so that Protestants/evangelicals etc could answer. I suppose they still technically could answer here but it’s not as obvious the question was aimed at them.

I appreciate the replies though! :slight_smile:

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