I am very sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, I just can’t seem to find it! So if it has, can someone give me a link? thanks!

I am just wondering why in vitro fertilization is bad. I mean, I know why freezing or the destruction of the fertilized egg is bad, but take for example a woman who wants (and feels called) to have her own children more than anything. Her husband and her cannot convieve despite numerous attempts, so they opt for in vitro. So she has, say, 2 eggs fertilized and implanted. 1 sticks. Yay! she is pregnant and has a healthy baby 9 months later.

It is regretable that the other did not make it, but that happens all the time naturally. There is, from what I have read, not a very big percentage of a fertilized egg even implanting. That’s why IVF causes loss. But what about if both eggs implant and she has twins, and no human was destroyed in the process? Is it still sinful?


These articles should help:







Only those actions that assist normal intercourse are licit.

Each act between spouses must be **both **unitive and procreative. Just a contraception negates the *procreative *element, IVF negates the *unitive *element of the marital act. Fertilizing an egg in a lab is not a unitive act of the husband and wife.

The links should be helpful in reading the church’s teaching.

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