Ivy League Study: Illegal Population is 22 Million, Double Estb. Estimate |



Ann Coulter ran the numbers previously … and also came up with 20+ millions.

maybe 30 millions

Ann Coulter’s book Adios America


30 million>>

Ramos opened the segment of his show America with Jorge Ramos by telling Coulter that her facts on the number of undocumented immigrants were wrong. In her book, she claimed there are 30 million. The consensus figure is about 11 million. Coulter was unfased.

"You’re wrong," Coulter told Ramos. "The number we keep hearing is 11 million, 11 million, 11 million. That’s so weird. It’s been 11 million for a decade. But as I explain in the book, they are all using the Census figures. If the Census figures are wrong, then everybody’s numbers are wrong."

Coulter said there is “absolutely no question” that the number is at least 30 million. She said the work of two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and a 2006 analysis by two Bear Stearns financial analysts supported her belief. We’ll touch on those items in a bit.

But arguably Coulter’s biggest numerical claim was that “America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico’s entire population.” She said it during her interview with Ramos and included it as a bullet point on her website.

29 bullet points>>

[" (I’d be on a postage stamp if I were a liberal) but I can’t get an interview on ABC, NBC or CBS. "]


I don’t care what the number is. One is too many. We need more severe punishment for all illegals.


The Democrats claim that only half the illegal immigrants are registered to vote, due to fears about giving their names to elections officials at registration, and voting places.

In California the newest proposal to increase voting by illegal immigrants involves issuing a voter ID card, with no name, address, or other Identifying information. All you have to do is show up, and verbally say you are entitled to vote

If you don’t have a car, you can phone and they will mail one or more to your nearest community center. On election day, you can come to the polls without any Id besides your blank voter ID. If you are intimidated, they will supply blank, absentee ballots so you don’t have to go in person. These can be photocopied, in case you lose yours.


I doubt this claim and suspect that it will be impossible to document.


It is not enough to be a legal immigrant in order to be able to vote. You must become a citizen, nothing less. But you know that.


All that is required to vote is to show up to get a drivers license and a state employee can register you to vote. Regardless of what the law says that is what happens. If following the law mattered at all then the illegals wouldn’t be here in the first place.


If it’s illegal for a non-citizen to vote, he becomes an illegal immigrant then regardless of his visa or green card. Perhaps Ann Coulter is counting these, I don’t know. But who would risk his legal status for this? They should know sooner or later they’ll get caught.


30 million


The figure of 11 million is so old, that I hardly believe it.

In view of the effects of abortion on the US population, I have softened considerably towards allowing more immigration.


Why do you say that?
Japan is doing fine adapting to a low birth rate without mass immigration


Yeah, by developing robots to care for the elderly. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN1H33AB

The Japanese government has been funding development of elder care robots to help fill a projected shortfall of 380,000 specialized workers by 2025.


The robots are not likely to abuse the elderly, and maybe they will increase immigration for specialized workers in a decade. No need to let in millions now.


Japan is a mono-culture.


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