Izs the sims series ok to play?

i’m mainly asking those who know the games. the things that raise the question in 2 follows:

2/3 to 1/2 of the aspirations (your sim’s life goal) are kind of questionable. all six are (judge for yourself):

some don’t seem too bad, but sims on many of those will have the desire to not be caught cheating in marriage, or to “woohoo” (have sex - tastefully hidden from view) with 1-3 other sims, even before marriage. however, no babies can be made without trying as far as i know (but can be had out of wedlock), and abortions are impossible.

regarding babies - that aspirations thing fills up when you fulfill your sims’ wants, and you will not find a “conceive a baby” want, but there is a “HAVE a baby” one. is it not a baby until birth?
when he/she is born this cutscene plays: youtube.com/watch?v=ULykWo0LSDc

i can’t tell if the gem splits off (is created only then and there) or pops out of the mom’s. :confused:


It seems your conscience is telling you that no it is not ok, so stop.

I frequently play a game where I go around filling people with bullets. There isn’t really any reason for it besides red team not liking blue team and blue team not liking red team. We pretty much kill each other for competition or sport. I have no moral qualms with this.

Ug. Oh Sims, where did you go wrong?

Well the first Sims seems to be alright for the most part. But this whole “woohoo” thing is clearly out of line. You are right to be worried about this game. Although because a game has one or a few bad things in it, it does not destroy its artistic value. In my opinion, you must weigh the artistic value of the game and its good traits with its bad traits. If you find that the game is worth playing, then I think it’d be fine; however, don’t do the things that you would find objectionable in real life. It really just reinforces the worldly visions of “sex is cheap and fun,” “the point of life is pleasing myself,” and “having things make you happy.”

And you know what that’s done to our society… so it is really up to you, but usually I find that if my conscience is bothering me about something, especially when this thing is simply ENTERTAINMENT, then it is best that I play it safe and just avoid it altogether.

Personal opinion: not worthy of my time and certainly not my approval. Yours? Could be different.:shrug:

Team Fortress 2, mate? :smiley: I’m potato254 on Steam if you do play it.

My handle’s Заяц/Zayats (GenghisKhan44). (“Zayats” is a Russian word for “hare”, which is a character on an old Russian cartoon called “Nu, Pogodi!” which I like a lot.)

As for the OP, if you want to have a milkshake, but have an allergy to milk, get a chocolate slushie instead. If you find something to be so morally repugnant that it seriously encourages you to take a similar attitude, STOP PLAYING WITH IT.

In a reversal of Saint Paul’s wise words, some people’s weaknesses lie in violence and gore; in some it is lustful tendencies; in others, pessimism; in others, attachment to unimportant signs and non-dogmatic practises of our faith; in others, mind-altering substances; in others, consumerism; in others, numbness towards other human beings; in others still, doubt.*

But the same demon - Satan - distributes these weaknesses to all mankind at his own discrimination.

*not an exhaustive list

So if it makes you think bad thoughts or encourages you to do bad things, it’s bad for you and you should stop.

Shooting virtual people isn’t a sin, or wrong because it’s just that, virtual. However, virtual sex or nudity as in the Sim 2 and 3 is definitely an issue. The issue isn’t that YOU are engaging in immoral sexual activity, it’s that you may find yourself watching realistic depictions of said behavior between virtual people.

Honestly Sims 2 and 3 lean on the side of being pornographic.

This is from ESRB.com
"Players can choose to “try for a baby” or “WooHoo” with another Sim – the later option being available to both heterosexual and same-sex couples. These two actions cause the selected avatars to jump into bed and go under the covers, where they wriggle, giggle, and moan until confetti bursts over the bed. "

I mean, wow! :eek: That’s pretty suggestive. Nothing like The Sims original.

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