J.R.R Tolkien and G.K. Chesterton being considered for sainthood


Anyone else here think this would be amazing!?


I can’t believe it! Excellent news!


Wow. I heard about Chesterton but not about Tolkien.


Not too surprising. I ask for Tolkien’s intercession sometimes.


That would be amazing!!


I thought Chesterton was supposed to be getting declared a Servant of God soon.

Haven’t heard that Tolkien was approaching that step yet. His cause had a website, but it seems to be not working at present.


I think it would.

Now Chesterton if canonized will be known as the Saint of Common Sense

I will also pray the prayer for JRR Tolkien whose work has been instrumental in bringing me to the Church.


I admire both men, and know them both to be devout Catholics, but sainthood? Maybe I don’t know enough about either man and their personal witness to the faith in their own lives.


You should read Tolkien’s letters. They are compiled into a book.

His faith shines through in those letters.


A stumbling block to G.K. Chesterton’s canonization will be the charges of his anti-Semitism .



As much as I like both of these authors, I feel a bit weird about the prospect of their canonization. I mean, aren’t saints supposed to have one or more miracles to their credit? What miracles did they create?


They should be named Doctors of the Church too. Tolkien for Lord of the Rings alone. Chesterton is, of course, a no-brainer. Although I’d make him a Doctor of the Church for Father Brown alone.


No need to feel weird about it, since they are a long way from being canonized and will take years if it happens at all.



A LOT of people who read tolkien/ cs lewis fantasy books, later opened up to the Catholic Faith,


I don’t know how virtuous their lives were, but it is always good to have new saints.


Barring the pope making an exception to the rules, there would be miracles required before beatification and canonization. They don’t need to have happened yet. Indeed, I’m not sure it would count if they had happened yet. I know, at least for canonization, that a second miracle has to have taken place after the beatification.

So far, neither of their causes have even been officially opened yet. Chesterton’s is close to the point of a decision being made one way or the other. But even if he gets the green light from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, that only means that his cause for canonization can be officially opened and investigated.

It will still take time. Look at Mother Teresa. Even though the customary 5 year waiting period was waived in her case, it was still 20 years between her death and canonization. So it’s still a ways away. For Tolkien, there wasn’t even a clear timeline presented of when someone might present a case for him to the Congregation for Saints.

I do think it would be cool, though. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the tip…I’ll have to look for a compilation of his letters.


that would be wonderfull both deserve it


Sainthood means that they exhibited a heroic degree of charity, sanctity, in their personal lives. It is great if they had marvelous writings (they do), but this doesn’t a saint make.


Absolutely. That’s part of the reason why I’d be excited to see their causes open. I’m familiar with some of their writings. But I’d like to hear more about their personal witness of holiness. That would come out more (presuming they were holy, of course) if their causes were opened.

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