J S H on four way medal


I have a key chain with an odd four-way medal; not the usual design, but an cross with equal “arms” and cicles in each quadrant with the usual Sacred Heart, St. Joseph, St. Christopher, and Lady of Mt. Carmel. The cross, however, has a dove (Holy Spirit) in the center, a cross on the top, and the letters J (left), S (bottom) and H (right).

I’m familiar with IHS . . . but what is JHS or JSH??

Thank you!



Although it is rarer than the typical IHS monogramme, JHS is a variant of the same thing-- the first three letters of Christ’s name in Greek. I think IHS is more correct (as Greek has no J’s) but less commonly one sees JHS’s too. Of course, then again, “S’s” in Greek look like “E’s” bent out of shape (called Sigma). Hope this helps.

It can also be shown as IHC or JHC.

This is also unrelated, but interesting-- most eastern and Orthodox crucifixes have INBI instead of INRI.


Thanks, Matariel, that is rather as I expected. I was thrown by the fact that it was manufactured in Italy, where one would expect more standard symbolism . . . and * was over thinking it! (“J might be Jesus and S for Spirit, but what would H be??” :slight_smile: )


You’re welcome. I also read in wikipedia that another variant is YHS. :shrug:

Who’d’ve thought?


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