Jack Black leads a prayer to the Devil at the 2009 MTV Awards

Perhaps. But, do you think the one Black and others invoked will take it as a joke? Maybe Black is truly naive and innocent about what he did, and he really did intend it as a joke, but that really isn’t very reassuring.

There are certain boards marketed as games for children. I have read a lot of frightening things about them, but don’t know anything first hand and don’t intend to ever learn anything first hand. Perhaps they are just “games,” just like Black’s stunt was just a “joke,” but I am unsettled at thinking about the “games” and the “joke” and have to wonder why anyone would risk the possibly of inviting something evil into their life.

All good points and I agree. But the poster I was responding to said “He is dead serious”. I don’t think that’s the case at all.

Of course, just because it was (from Black’s perspective) a joke doesn’t mean that it can’t have ill effects. I certainly hope and pray that Black’s intent lessens the evil spiritual ramifications of the act, but maybe it doesn’t. :shrug:

:eek::eek::eek: I don’t want to watch the video… What a nutcase.

Looks like we agree. It is scary to think that Black might have no idea that he is playing with fire and could suffer from it no matter even if his intent is just to be funny.

I think this is an excellent point. The lines from the movie Constantine are:
Rachel:“I don’t believe in the devil.”
John Constantine:“You should. He believes in you.”
And yes, chilling as all get out.

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