Jack Kemp has Died

Jack Kemp, the Ex-Quarterback, Congressman, One-Time Vice-Presidential Nominee Has Died


Wow! RIP Jack.:signofcross:

Wow, I suddenly feel old. I had no idea that Jack Kemp was 73.

May God receive him with mercy.

RIP. Great man. Pro life, pro family. His ideas re: taxes and incentives should be taught everywhere!

Eternal rest grant unto him, o Lord. He was a good, moral man. In politics those are in short supply.

Ehem…sorry I’m only 16, who was Jack Kemp :confused:
Was he like a theologian or something?

Oh no, no, no… he was a fomer pro-football player turned politician. He was part of Reagan’s core constinuency As a US senator and if the cards had dealt different he could have become president. That he settled for VP to Bob Dole’s candidacy may have been a mistake.

Oh I see, quite interesting.
I just started brushing up on Reagan, very interesting fellow.
Quite an inspiration, to bad they enacted the Twin term amendment,
he would’ve made this country really strong.

Jack Kemp was one of the designers of the Reagan economic policy. He was the first, I think, to come up with the idea of enterprise zones. One of his remarks that I remember is “if you tax something, you get less of it.” It seems he was successful at everything he attempted in life.

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