Jack Van Impe The Da Vinci Code


I guess my television was left on at his station. Normally I would have turned it without watching but I couldn’t find the remote :rolleyes: I heard him mention the Da Vinci Code and wondered what his take would be. Well I heard him say that the book claims that the Catholic Church covered up the truth and than he said that is a big fat lie. He went on for several minutes covering the book lies.

I was surprised because I didn’t think other faiths had any objections.

Are there others out there that are not Catholic that object as much as Catholics do to this book :confused:


have been researching links to sites de-bunking DVC, here is what I have so far (in addition to several Catholic sources)

Other Christian sources




Secular sources






Van Impe is a defender of the Church and Pope. He has a pretty good show every now and then.

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