Jackie Chan calls America 'most corrupt country in the world'




A long time supporter of communist China, sitting in a majoer chinese city, what else would he say?


He also once said ‘Chinese people need to be controlled, otherwise they will do whatever they want,’ when discussing Chinese censorship of his movies.

Wow! Maybe that’s our problem. We need to be more “controlled”:eek:


I definitely agree with him, the difference with the US though, the corruption is kept more hidden and/or disguised than some of the other more openly corrupt nations out there.


His experience with the United States is Hollywood. I think that speaks volumes.


I wonder if Jackie Chan would respect my opinion on martial arts, as I have seen a lot of movies.


They eat dogs and cats in China, so I wouldn’t crow if I were Jackie Chan.


I think the US doesn’t have the petty corruption that other countries have. The police are unlikely to shake you down for $50. Our corruption is at the higher levels and for much larger amounts. I also think our corruption might be more blackmail. All the spy data the government and corporations collect is surely used to control people.


Why anyone would listen to a movie star for political advice is beyond me.

I like how he says this about America and then in the next breath says…

You cannot say our country has problems [when you are outside]

So according to him you shouldn’t talk bad about China’s problems unless you are part of the country.

Wonder why he doesn’t take his own advice in regards to America?


Not sure why this is news. If you like this sort of thing just watch whatever awards show is on tonight and you’ll get plenty of it!


He’s got a case of Hollywood elitism, it sounds like.


Plus, he’s made most of his money here off of American movie goers.


From a countryman from a Communist
State that JAILS those who put crosses
on Churches, he should be more careful
of his criticism, maybe he’s AFRAID of
criticizing his OWN country!!


I expect there is a language component to this. He blamed the US for initiating the WW financial crisis, and there is something to that.

The cause of the financial crisis was more about greed and bad regulation than outright corruption though, at least how we normally define corruption.


Exactly. I’m skipping the parade of self righteous narcissists.




Ironically, Jackie Chan attended the 89th Academy Awards. He looked happy. I wonder how many people feel that way and went to the Academy Awards.


I wouldn’t call America corrupt, but it is dangerous…esp if one is from India, easily mistaken as a Middle Easterner, and shot by Americans who don’t know the difference and shouldn’t be shooting our citizens and residents of Middle Eastern origin either.

We do have a very high violent crime rate, compared to, say, European nations.


The crazy people who shoot Indians or Middle Easterners are evil. But it’s a lot more dangerous to be a Christian in India or the Middle East than to be an Indian or Middle Easterner in America.


If you count hate crimes only that may be true. But if you include all crimes, I am not so sure. Do you have numbers?

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