Jackie Evancho

Has everyone heard her beautiful voice? In her new CD she sings “Shubert’s Ave Maria” in addition to two operatic songs.

I looked at her page and she thanks God for her voice. Does anyone know what religion she is?

Before someone else asks: Is that her voice, or is she lip-synching? Sorry, don’t mean any disrespect, just wondering…

I am pretty sure that she does not lip sync. She is going to perform at Carnegie Hall (post-gazette.com/pg/10084/1045302-54.stm) and on the results show they had her do a little impromptu singing to “prove” it was her real voice.


Looks real to me! :slight_smile:

And I don’t know what her religion is :confused:

I didn’t see Jackie semi-final performance live on television but next day on Youtube. I watched video at least 10 times and still couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.

She has an amazing voice, beautiful smile and she is very self-confident. I would say amazingly confident for 10 year old girl.

About her chances on final:

Main competitor will definitely be Fighting Gravity. Fighting Gravity ideas is not that new as many believes. You can check for the same idea here: youtube.com/watch?v=4Dv13HOn4xY on many other related videos as well.

So they are just doing things differently but Jackie is really a talent!

By the way do you know any active Jackie’s Fansite. All that i know is recently started and not really active. Most active one I have found so far is: jackieevanchos.org/


Jackie sings Pie Jesu on the Top Ten show.

Her Myspace account says she is Catholic!

That’s great! Thanks very much. That explains a lot because she has sung a lot of religious operaatic songs. Her version of Ave Maria is especially beautiful (I was able to download this song before it was removed).

I sure hope she wins tonight! And I hope that one of the Catholic newspapers does a feature on her.

I thought the same thing when I watched her last night.

Its real. She performed at our local playhouse back in January.

She sang a beautiful Ave Maria last night. God has blessed her with a wonderful voice! I hope that she continues to use it and her parents make sure that all the publicity doesn’t “go to her head”.

Even if she doesn’t win, she will still be touring. Sure hope she doesn’t have a Myley Cyrus dad or mom for that matter that doesn’t keep pushing her if her interest in music begins to lag and hope she can get to enjoy some of her childhood.

It might have been the best thing for her in the long run that she came in second. She has a long, long career ahead of her if she takes care of her voice.

Even worse than Myley Cyrus, she could turn into Charlotte Church.

I hope her parents don’t let the publicity and admiration she gets “go to her head”. She also needs to learn to be a child—childhood doesn’t last that long especially in this day and age where they’re pushed into adulthood too early

Even if she does get a record contract (which I’m sure she will) her parents need to make sure there is a balance in her life. If she really is a Catholic (where it shows on her Facebook) I hope that she is also being raised in the faith. As far as I know she seems to be attending a professional school—hope she’s also getting religious instruction.

God has given her a wonderful talent. Hopefully when she’s older she’ll be singing in the operas. If they have a tour to my city (Salt Lake) I do want to see her.

Not trying to sound prejudiced, but a lot of Mormons have been in some of these shows like American Idol and won. It’s nice that someone not of that faith was in the finals.

And God bless the man who won. He wants to help his grandparents, and who knows, maybe that’s what tipped the votes in his favor. She will probably be getting a scholarship if she continues the way she’s going.

She attends public school. They showed her peers and teachers cheering her on during the show on the local news.

Wikipedia lists her as “being raised Catholic”. Not sure what that means. I agree with the Myley Cyrus - Charlotte concerns. She could be a great role model for young people if she stays strong in the faith. Let us pray for her that she stays close to God. Let us also pray that she avoids the trap of immodesty that so many other performers have fallen into.

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