Jacob, Esau, Rebekah oh my!


I’m working my way through Genesis chapter 27 (Jacob, Esau and Rebekah) and would like to get your take on the drama that was played out.

Was Rebekah’s and Jacob’s plan of deceit part of God’s will? Did they play out God’s providence as he wished? If so, are we too, at times, called to sin in order to bring about a “good”?

Did God use Rebekah’s and Jacob’s deception to carry out his will because of an obstinate Isaac? Thus it was not how God had “willed” the blessing to flow, but due to human free will he allowed the deceitful behavior for the “good”.

Is either, neither or both of these correct interpretations? Where could I find interpretations of early Church fathers or prominent Church theologians?

Thank you for assistance!

Sincerely in Christ,

I don’t believe God “calls us” to sin to work out a good. Rather, He knows beforehand how we will act and is able, despite our sin, to fulfill His plan.

That’s my take on it too - it’s not that Jacob wouldn’t have achieved the same anyway without the deceit (quite possibly he would’ve achieved it much sooner and with fewer problems along the way, too), it’s just that God was able, as you say, to have his will done in spite of the sin.

I always thought that it was because Esau had already given up his birthright (in exchange for the red pottage). Jacob was sinning by lying like that, but it was a venial sin.

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