Jacob Zuma ordered to repay South African Taxpayer's money spent on Home Improvements


South African President Jacob Zuma has been ordered to repay some of the £12.9 million of taxpayer’s money spent on so-called ‘security measures’ at his private home after it emerged they included a swimming pool, amphitheatre and tuckshop.

An official report entitled ‘Opulence on a Grand Scale’ found Zuma had derived ‘substantial’ personal gain from improvements to his private compound at Nkandla in the rolling hills of KwaZulu-Natal province.

They reportedly include a visitors’ centre, cattle enclosure, marquee area, football pitch, helipad, medical clinic, extensive paving and new houses for the polygamist president’s large family.


It is a nation racked by poverty, where 13 million people survive on less than £1 a day, and two million have no access to a toilet.

Yet as his people struggle in squalor, South African president Jacob Zuma has sparked outrage by spending £17.5 million to upgrade his rural family home . . .

The costly upgrade to Zuma’s once-humble home in the village of Nkandla includes Astroturf sports fields and tennis courts, a gymnasium and state-of-the art security systems, including fingerprint-controlled access pads.


THE media has misconstrued a Cabinet directive over the publication of photographs of President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla home, a South African government spokesperson said on Friday.

“Government has no problem with the media publishing pictures of national key points, including President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla residence, as it is part of their daily line of duty,” said Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) acting CEO Phumula Williams.

“However, zooming into safety and security features of national key points is a challenge as it compromises national security.”


Zuma, the “President of Bling”, gets a pass, by and large, from Western News Media sources about the uses of tens of millions of $$$ of South African public taxpayer money for his big house.

Being a member of the “World Leaders’ Club” seems to have its privileges.:hmmm:

There seems to be hardly any coverage of South African President Zuma’s graft in our American news press besides the very brief mention of it during the news coverage of the Mandela Memorial Service. :sad_yes:


Wow. Yeah he should definitely have to pay back the money which was unjustly spent or basically stolen.


I did a little research on Zuma about a year ago when he made some comments dismissing animal cruelty allegations. If you look into his biography, you’ll find some stuff that is really questionable: married six times (one wife killed herself); gave some cattle to a family in exchange for a female family member; charged with rape (found “not guilty”); charged with many counts of corruption and racketeering etc. In his official bio, it states that he received the “Nelson Mandela Award for Outstanding Leadership in Washington, DC”. Sounds like it was given by the US government, doesn’t it? Not! So who did give the “award’? Turns out it was given by the “MEDUNSA Trust”. “MEDUNSA” supposedly stands for the Medical University of Southern Africa. The school exists, but there is no evidence (that I have found at least) that there is a connection between the two. Google the Trust, and there is zero info. They are supposed to be a charitable organization, but there is just no detailed information about them. Hmmm. Oh, I forgot, the Trust is supposed to have “lost” over $9,000,000. Wonder where that went. A real five-star criminal alright that almost no one knows about…:mad:


Communism (and the ANC is wholly Marxist) is known to let the “inner party” live quite lavishly while the outer party and the proles scrounge for their daily bread.

Do not expect one rand of this to be repaid. In communism there is no separation between public and private wealth; it was his for the taking.


That is not just outrageous - it is downright sinful. He is far from the first leader in the region to live that way (Zimbabwe is a perfect example). The hopeful thing is that he has been ordered to repay the money, which is something I’ve not heard of happening in a communist country, except perhaps recently in China.


I resent your description of my country as communist.


Repaying the money is not enough. Zuma is a corrupt disgrace to our beautiful country and is unfit to hold public office. He should either resign or be impeached and imprisoned for fraud. Mandela would be spinning in his grave had he been aware of what Zuma is doing. Even 51% of ANC supporters (his party) think he should resign.


I know CA forum doesn’t want us to get too political, but this man makes me so angry for dragging our country’s name through the mud and filth of corruption and abuse of power.
And technically it’s not political because EVERYONE thinks he should go

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