Jacobite Church head praises Modi


Looks like someone’s riding for a disappointment.

It’s “nice” to know, though, that India is getting its own version of “Obama Catholics” :smiley:


(On a more serious note, Heaven help us if this guy actually becomes the next Prime Minister.) :rolleyes:


Dont think many people will understand this?Btw where in India are you from?

  1. Okay, I’ll editoralize. Narendra Modi is the prime ministerial candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party, one of the two major national parties in India (the other is the Congress). Because of the Congress’ general incompetence and corruption, many voters are looking for an alternative, and Modi (like Obama) is running on a platform of “change”.

However, like Obama, Modi’s party is explicitly anti-Christian despite their protestations (check their website), and has blatantly copied the idea of “Integral Humanism” from the Catholic philosopher Jacques Maritain. Like Obama, Modi enjoys a strange immunity from the media and from prosecution; enquires into his personal life and backstory are generally stonewalled, and even when the media pillories him, Like Obama, Modi claims to reach out to everyone, but he is known by the company he keeps. Like Obama, Modi has strange friends (Baba Ramdev and the VHP can give Jeremiah Wright a serious run for their money), and worst of all, like Obama, Modi encourages a cult-like worship of his personality (“Modi is India” is a common slogan among his supporters.)

The only thing he seems to have done right is pander to business interests in his state and win praise for a specious “prosperity” that widens the gap between wealthy and poor. Unfortunately, like Obama, people will vote for him because he is “not Congress” (just as
Obama got several votes because he was “not Bush”.) His rule will only open old wounds, create new ones, and polarize India in the way that Obama polarized the U.S. Given this, that Christian groups should endorse him is quite ridiculous, but unfortunately for many of them, their “Christianity” is more of a cultural thing: they still believe in horoscopes, the caste system, forced marriages, and other things that are grist to Modi and the BJP’s mill. (When several young women in India were brutally raped in the last year, Modi’s silence was conspicuous; when told of malnutrition among women in his state, he made a cheap joke about women being “beauty conscious”. Oh, well played, Sir.)

Sadly, he’s far more efficient and ruthless than Obama. Heaven help us.

  1. Pondicherry’s where I work and live; my hometown is Chennai. :slight_smile:


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