Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy private letters to priest being sold.

I’m sorry, am I the only one that is questioning just how secretive that our confessions are and also how our privacy with saying things to priest in confidentiality our things are if our privacy of things we tell priest when seeking their counseling if they are going to other priest and people discussing what we told them in our trust? These letters were meant to stay with the priest and they are now selling these private personal letters? Gosh I know she was a public figure with being married to President Kennedy but dang. Why expose something that was a sacred covenant between her and this priest. It’s making me really rethink things. How do I know if what I am seeking help with my priest who is my spiritual advisor is going to keep what we say between us and the four walls? What is y’alls take on this? Read this for what I’m talking about.


The priest died in 1964. It is unclear how these letters became public. An historian would likely say that the historical value of the letters outweighs the privacy of long deceased individuals. I do share your unease at private letters to a priest becoming public.

This was nothing like a confessional (and not protected by the Seal of Confession). These were letters that she wrote. The priest kept the letters (as many people keep letters, myself and my entire family included). After the priest’s death, the letters were apparently obtained and published by others. This is an unfortunate breach of privacy, but it is not made more unfortunate by the fact that Jackie wrote to a priest. Had she (or any other notable person) written such letters to people who were not priests, the letters would be of equal interest. Had Jackie been a “nobody,” then nobody would be interested in the letters.

If someone writes a private letter to a priest, he is not held to a higher standard of “nondisclosure” than you or I. He is not obliged to burn the letter. He can keep it if he wants to.

Absolute secrecy is confined to the Confessional, and I doubt you can find any transgressions.

I was just reading an article about Jackie O. and when she married Onassis there were people calling for her ex-communication, but a Archbishop denounced the movement as heresy and nonsense.

I am unsure why you would be questioning the privacy of confession.

Jackie Kennedy’s letters were not confessions nor were they in any way covered by the seal of confession.

If you don’t want private things read by others, and possiby published, don’t write them down and send them to others in the mail or (these days) electronically.

It’s not like Jackie Kennedy didn’t know that many first ladies and other public and historical figures before her had their private letters published or on display in museums after their deaths.

Well, the priest isn’t selling anything, he’s dead.

letters are not a sacred covenant between any two people. I am really not sure what has you so upset. Are you thinking she was confessing by letter? That is not the case.

Your confession is protected by the seal and is invioate.

What you say in counseling is typically covered under the civil law concept of patient confidentiality (which is not the same things as the seal of confession).

And what you say elsewhere may have an “expectation” of privacy but is not covered by any seal or law.

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