Jahi McMath Receiving Treatment at Undisclosed Catholic Organization


After the hospital declared this girl brain dead after a routine tonsil operation that went wrong, her family had successfully fought through the courts against the hospital’s intention to disconnect the girl from life support, saying the girl is still alive. In a case said to resemble the Terri Schaivo story of ten years before, a Catholic organization, that has not sought to be identified, has now taken the girl in.
see sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2014/01/06/jahi-receiving-treatment-at-undisclosed-catholic-organization-lawyer-to-sue-hospital-spokesman/


Unfortunately, it is not like the Schaivo case at all. This young lady is dead.

This whole thing is so sad and heartbreaking.




According to court documents this child’s body is already decomposing.

As you said, not at all like the Schaivo case.

So sad for the family.

And too bad that a Catholic organization is part of this. :frowning:


I have been following this closely and was very saddened to hear that a Catholic organization is playing a part in this. I think only a minority of Catholics understand the Church’s bioethics stances and then when a Catholic organization gets involved in something like this it only further confuses people. The biggest problem is people are confusing a Persistent Vegetative State with Brain Death. Coma, Persistent Vegetative State, Locked-In Syndrome, and Brain Death seem to be confused quite frequently and I think this is another instance of that. It really saddens me that the body of the girl is being denied the dignity of a funeral and committal.



This young lady is clinically dead. Her family is letting their hearts rule their head. Their love and their loyalty are admirable but in the end she is still dead.


I agree, it’s unfortunate that some people over look the reality of the situation in hopes that it will change. I pray that they can find peace within this sad situation.



yes, this is a very sad case. I cannot imagine the parent’s pain and what they have been going through to see their beautiful daughter end up like this after routine tonsillectomy surgery. it must be hard to accept. perhaps the catholic organization is simply stepping in to give the parents more time to accept what has happened and are ready to let go.
I haven’t followed the case recently so I am not sure which catholic organization stepped in or what is happening.


I have been reading several stories about Miss McMath. And the one thing I have found is that it wasn’t routine tonsillectomy surgery.

Jahi went into cardiac arrest while recovering from surgery to remove her tonsils, adenoids and uvula along with bony structures from her nose and throat and palate tissue. Three doctors have declared the girl brain dead based on exams and tests showing no blood flow or electrical activity in either her cerebrum or the brain stem that controls breathing.

It seems that her surgery was much more involved.


I have had both my tonsils and adenoids removed, but I am not sure what the reason would be for the other party of the surgery. tonsillectomy operations were quite common for those growing up in the 1950’s and I am not sure when the adenoids were removed.
you would think those surgeries would be safer with our current medical technology, but every human body is different. I wonder what caused her to go into cardiac arrest.


Actually, this is probably the only way her parents would find a peaceful solution to their problem. They are told she is dead, even by Catholic rules, but they see that her heart is beating. In the next few weeks her heart will stop and then they will accept that she’s dead. Then they can have her funeral and start the grieving process. They seem to be in a state of denial which will end with Jahi’s last heart beat. I feel sorry for them because they expected their daughter to come home in better health than before but bad things frequently happen in hospitals and sometimes they kill the patients through negligence. I don’t think she will be around for more than a few weeks. May she rest in peace.




There have been cases when a person who was declared brain dead has woken up. I have heard of this happening in Arizona, New York, Canada and Australia, and I’m sure there are other cases as well. Infants, stillborn babies, and unborn children are known to “wake up” after being declared dead by a physician. It’s scary how often doctors make mistakes that cost people their lives.

Sometimes doctors make mistakes (probably how many people end up dead to begin with). Sometimes hospitals are looking for profits. Sometimes there is a organ recipient that is a match and the transplant team jumps the gun. And sometimes there is a miracle. I know as a mom I would do anything to buy more time in the hope of a miracle as well.


“When I go in there and touch her, she moves her whole body, her legs, her shoulders,” Jahi’s mother, Nailah Winkfield, told reporters outside the hospital last week. "How can you possibly say my child is dead if she responds to my voice?”


Watch this interview with Allyson Scerii, founder of New Beginnings. She says, ‘I have witnessessed first hand, I have worked with so many families, I have been doing this for 6 years. People that were declared brain dead that are actually walking and talking years later…’


Jahi McMath may have deteriorated since last week. Her family have made the decision to give her the opportunity of more time.


Apparently she had this surgery as a treatment for sleep apnea. I assume they were trying to widen her airways, which collapse during sleep in some people. If she’d had apnea for some time, her body was not heathy and the frequent low oxygen and lack of sleep could have affected her heart.

As someone said further up therad though, there is a difference between brain death and some other conditions like coma, presistent vegitative state, and similar states.

I do hope her family finds peace. I will pray for the repose of her soul.


My adenoids were removed during the same surgery as my tonsils.

It was a very common surgery in the 50’s, 60’s and even the beginning of the 70’s. It seemed like everyone *needed *their tonsils out.

Then women needed their uterus out.

Now, everyone has sleep apnea.

Yes, surgery is safer. But there are still risks. That much work in your throat? That close to so many major arteries? I am sure it is pretty dangerous.


it had crossed my mind that perhaps she was suffering from sleep apnea. I wonder if that is normal for a person so young to have it.


yes, it was the belief back then that tonsils were unnecessary as well as reproductive organs once child bearing years were over, the medical field now believes otherwise.

a lot of tonsillectomies are done in doctor’s offices now I think rather than a hospital setting or as outpatients. I remember how I was promised all the ice cream I could eat.
what a bribe!!! it was not a fun surgery. I remember how sore my throat was later and I didn’t even feel like eating ice cream! the ether they used back then also made me very sick.


It seems like sleep apnea is the tonsil surgery of the 60’s.

Everyone had their tonsils out, now everyone has sleep apnea.


I think many people had sleep apnea in the past, it was just not seen as a separate treatable condition (ie, didn’t have a name). The symptoms were certainly present - plenty of older, heavy people snored and complained of bad nights. And like many other things, it was just seen as a normal sign of age.

Now we can treat many of those age- and weight-related conditions. And unfortunately the population as a whole is older and heavier than it used to be - even in the 1970s. I’d rather keep my tonsils and wear a sleep mask (c-pap) if necessary. :sleep:


That is what people said about tonsil surgery. :shrug:

My husband has had 4 doctors suggest a sleep study. Why? Because he snores. He was tired of hearing about it, the sleep study, not the snoring. So he had a sleep study. It came back fine, no problem. The doctor said, he must need a more in depth one. It came back clean, no problem. Oh, now they have a clearer test. :rolleyes: Yep, still clear. No sleep apnea.

Conclusion by the doctor? My husband really does have sleep apnea, it is just that the testing doesn’t show it. :rolleyes:

“Oh, and go to this company owned by the same company that owns our practice. They will give you a good deal on a C-PAP. Oh, and your insurance covers it so you don’t have to pay for it.”

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