Jail cells 'made from modern art'



Jail cells 'made from modern art’

A Spanish art historian has found evidence that suggests some Civil War jail cells were built like 3-D modern art paintings in order to torture prisoners. The cells were built in 1938 for the republican forces fighting General Franco’s Fascist Nationalist army, who eventually won power, historian Jose Milicua told the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Milicua told the paper he had found court papers from the 1939 trial of French anarchist Alphonse Laurencic, a republican, by a Franco-ist military court.

During the trial Laurencic revealed he was inspired by modern artists, such as surrealist Salvador Dali and Bauhaus artist Wassily Kandinsky, to create the torture cells, said Milicua.

Lighting effects

Laurencic told the court the cells, in Barcelona, featured sloping beds at a 20-degree angle that were almost impossible to sleep on.
They also had irregularly shaped bricks on the floor that prevented prisoners from walking backwards or forwards, the trial papers said.
The walls in the 6ftx3ft cells were covered in surrealist patterns designed to make prisoners distressed and confused, the report continued, and lighting effects were used to make the artwork even more dizzying.**

Who needs waterboarding?


I’ve been to some contemporary art exhibits that were pretty disorienting experiences…:hypno::stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely love it. This made my day. :smiley:

I actually like Kandinsky though - a print of his has been on my wall for years and years. I am fine.

Francis Bacon makes me physically ill. A lot of Picasso too to be honest. Actually from the description, this sounds like a high end flat in London, doesn’t it?


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