Jail fewer aboriginals for bashing wives


Herald Sun article - Melbourne Australia

This is another example of what I call Progressive Left insanity.

The thinking (I guess that’s the word) is that ‘people of colour’ (%$^&) should be treated differently when committing crimes in the name of the Progressive’s false concept of equality.

God help us.


Im a progressive. I denounce this.


Good to hear. Hopefully there will be many of you who denounce this madness.

More people of colour in jail does not equal racism and having a more lax treatment under the law for certain races in the name of more equal incarceration rates is abhorrent and unjust, not to mention totally racist.


Do you also denounce the Sharia law? It has many other abhorrent ideas, beside abusing up to four wifes


Couldn’t open the article, but one supposes it’s because of some belief that Aborigines’ “culture” allows for wife-bashing. That’s such a crock because I’m sure Aus would not accept that from some “white” culture that claimed the same thing. I have read, for example, that Russian men are somewhat heavy-handed when it comes to women. But it wouldn’t be tolerated by the authorities despite any argument that it’s “part of the culture”.


Cutting back on the supply of alcohol would be a saner idea.
But they sniff petrol (gasoline to Yanks)!
Far too many are jobless: give them some productive work to earn their dole money, and to make them feel useful/needed. It’d be the “fishing rod” deal.
Dumping them in inner-city areas (eg Redfern, a suburb of Sydney) was an obscene move. Many just rot there. Violence.

The only way some of these folks can release their frustration is by lashing out in violence.
Not long ago, i read that in some areas, they’re being “evangelised” by Moslems.


I don’t see any reference in the quoted statements to “bashing wives” at all, only references to incarcerating Aboriginal offenders in general.

The fact is that the experience of Aboriginal people in jail can subjectively be very different (and worse) than that of their non-Aboriginal counterparts - resulting for example in a shamefully high rate of deaths of Aboriginal compared to non-Aboriginal people while in custody. These impacts do not, of course, touch merely the incarcerated person, but ripple through their families and communities.

One size does not, and never has, fit all when it comes to deciding an appropriate punishment for crime. Circumstances of an offender need to be considered, including, for example, the likelihood that prison will prove a rehabilitative rather than destructive experience for him or herself, and benefit rather than harm him or her and his or her family and community.


It is interesting that the first few posts have now been deleted.

The main issue is that it is recommended that one race be locked up for committing crimes and another race not so much because the second race tend to commit more crimes and so the Progressive way of looking at the world feels and believes this is against their twisted ideas of equality.

From the article

For Indigenous women the statistics are even more appalling. In fact, Aboriginal women are 34 times more likely to be hospitalised as a result of domestic violence than women in the rest of the community.

Regarding the issue of high indigenous deaths in custody that is often mentioned.

Non indigenous death rates in custody are greater


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