Jakob Lorber and Swedenborg


What do you think about the Great Gospel of John and all the books writen by Jakob Lorber (and also Swedenborg)?
See j-lorber.com
tru_dvotion told (2004) that his parents were involved in such groups …


I never heard of Jakob Lorber.

About 25 years ago, I read a book about Swedenborg, and found it very interesting. As far as his orthodoxy, though, it appears that he was in the Outer Limits. As I recall, he was a Lutheran? Reading about him reminded me of Edgar Cayce.


In fact they praticed spiritism (channeling). Mediums delievered messages from God selbst in I form to complete the falsified Bible. The doctrine is a gnose or catharism or pietism. From this doctrin came the cults or sects Universal Leben, Fiat Lux and other little groups around the mediums.This is an arnaque to the Bible, because behind the Bible, they believe in reincarnation, esoteric ideas (like rose-croix oder Graal templars) and all kinds of talles for adults (not very differents from Jules Verne fiction stories).
See jesuslebt.de/seiten/wir_haben_es_erlebt.03.htm or
jakoblorber.de or


Helen Keller was Swedenborgian(SP). I had a friend who was a member of the Church of the New Jerusalem in San Francisco years ago…Emmanuel Swedenborg received many “revelations” in his day. His writings are profuse…but I haven’t read more than a few passages in them.


About Swedenborg:
cults.co.nz/s.php , and there look at the end of the page for Swedenborg

About Edgar Cayce:


Oh brother, here we go again banging Swedenborg.

I’ve read about 10 of his books and his whole theology is that “God is One and there is a conjunction of charity and faith.”

Trinitarians are up in arms that Swedenborg keeps on being mentioned because he is a oneness Christian - in other words the Holy Trinity is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit which is like the soul, the body and the works in a single person.

The fact that web resources are mentioned calling the Swedenborgian Christian church a cult means nothing.

Take CARM for example - on their website they judge every branch of Christianity based on fundamentalist doctrines such as the vicarious atonement (a this-for-that punishment for sin) and a complete separateness of the Holy Spirit.



Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to be referencing CARM for any neutral analysis. I just spent a few minutes reading what they had to say about Catholics and I learned I’m not even a Christian! Whew, it’s a good thing I know now… :stuck_out_tongue:


I never heard of Jakob Lorber. I don’t know anything about Swedenborg either. All I know is that there is a Swedenborg chapel on my street. Their sign says that you can rent the chapel for a wedding or rent a preacher for a wedding. They also advertise a Bible study on the sign; their Bible study is “non-fundamental”. Just from reading their sign, I got the impression that they were an ultra-liberal denomination.

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