Jamaicans Say No To Abortion. Gleaner Poll Shows 69% In Favour Of Retaining Law

Father Richard Ho Lung, founder of the Roman Catholic charity organisation Missionaries of the Poor, is “extremely heartened” that at least seven in 10 Jamaicans are against changing the country’s abortion laws.

In the September 2014 Gleaner-commissioned Bill Johnson poll, 69 per cent of 1,208 Jamaicans surveyed said the law should not be changed, 22 per cent said make the law easier, while nine per cent did not have an opinion.

They were responding to the question: ‘At the present time, it is against the law in Jamaica in most cases for a woman to have an abortion, do you think the law should be changed to make it easier for a woman to have an abortion, or should the law not be changed a this time?’


It would be interesting to see a reliable poll in the United States. Has anyone ever noticed that we live in a poll driven society, and yet I rarely see a simple poll of how Americans feel about the specific issues of abortion. It makes me think that a well executed, well crafted poll on the topic would highlight our nation’s displeasure with the current laws. The media seems afraid to pull back the curtain and show all of us just how opposed our society is to killing babies. The mantra seems to remain, keep it out of sight and out of mind.

I doubt you’d like what you see. All the fighting against abortion is being done by people in their 40s and up. There are plenty of young ones too, but the majority of young people have been brainwashed by the system to believe that foetuses aren’t human and that it’s ok to kill them.

I guess, unfortunately, you are right. I hadn’t really thought about the generation gap. The only people of the younger set that I’ve ever polled are my own children. And, well, it might be safe to call them outliers in the polling. I’ve lived with the horror long enough, but you are right to point out that those of a certain age have been desensitized to what happens.

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