James 2:14 - 2:17


I found people in need of employment resources in the Prayer Intentions portion of this forum. Administrators struck down my threads for employment opportunities I found to help those in the future. I cannot understand why it is that resources for those in need would be struck down. This is not mutiny, it is a question of how we conduct ourselves when one is in need. I am disappointed to say the least. This is not how we should behave, or am I wrong? I have felt a temptation regarding an outburst which I will not write. If I had that need, I would want to be helped, and that is why it is right to do also.


I read your threads. You never said where the job openings were. :confused:

Also, it’s a discussion forum not a job board. Maybe that’s why they closed them? :shrug: No way to know for sure unless you ask Admin directly though.


I posted numerous job leads and if you looked them up, you would find them as good leads. An admin has a bad taste in their mouth about me as a result. It is true that this is not a job board, most jobs are monopolized by sites and groups (as usual), I just don’t see the harm. Besides, it was in the “back fence” area, what’s up with that, lol.


Apparently, someone disagrees.
You have to ask the specific Mod of that board.


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