James 3:1 and Knowledge


James 3:1 says,
Be not many of you teachers, my brethren, knowing that we shall receive heavier judgment.

From what I infer from this is that the pursuit of knowledge and then teaching such knowledge puts you in a situation of stricter judgement by God? And if this is correct is it because when it comes to teaching others we are attempting to spread knowledge and if we teach something that is false or incorrect we may cause someone to learn something incorrect which would cause that person also teach something incorrect or not have the proper understanding.


Am I making any sense?


Yes, teaching the gospel is a weighty responsibility.


I would infer that teaching means knowledge in a subject or subjects to an expert degree. Studying is a positive thing as a father once told me, teaching is of the “noblest professions.”

I would furthermore infer that to be very smart at something means stricter basis for judgment. I look at an Einstein for example and if he was wrong on a complex equation, I would be stricter on him than on a 10 year old who passes a simple arithmetic exam. Or Bach for example, if he played a wrong key in a musical piece, I would be stricter on him than on a 10 year old who plays a simple melody well.

Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face taught me that to be childlike and simple is truly a blessing. Jesus preached through a parable that Heaven was made for the children.

If this helps at all great.


The priest is a minister. The priest is a teacher.
He has to be well informed because the congregation learns from him.


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