James Carville joining Fox News as contributor


Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville has been hired as a Fox News contributor.

The former Bill Clinton adviser will join the network to provide political commentary. Bill Shine, executive vice president of programming, announced the move on Thursday.


No network offers a diversity of political views as Fox does.





Hard for me, personally, to imagine why.

Carville can be an engaging character, but he is too quick to deliver his rapid-fire mixture of reasoned thoughts and outright falsehoods to be an intellectually interesting person.

Kind of reminds me of something an old lawyer once said of an extremely flamboyant lawyer we both knew. I asked the old lawyer if the flamboyant guy was any good in court. The older man paused and said “No, not really. He’s too busy being a character to ever really be worth a d—n as a lawyer.”

The same can be true of pundits.


And is his wife, Mary Matalin, joining MSNBC?!


Does this mean Carville isn’t a “real” Democrat?



Carville can really raise my blood pressure. i am not sure if he can be as annoying as that “bob guy” from The Five. maybe Carville has mellowed out some after being married to his republican wife for so many years. it just shows that Fox is willing to give two sides to an argument.


:slapfight:Oh joy…there will be a lot of this going on (slapfight):stuck_out_tongue:


I LOVE remotes!!! God Bless, Memaw


This will keep the anti-FOX people guessing?


I have never been able to figure out how he can see. Looks like his eyes are always closed…


One would think some enterprising techie would invent a remote that would automatically switch any time Barack Obama’s face appeared onscreen. :shrug: :slight_smile:


I have one-its called “my wife”


:rotfl::rotfl: She would have to have an awfully quick thumb to beat mine to it.


I rather like Carville - “the ragin’ cajun” I might not agree with everything he says but I welcome his commentary and analysis. He reminds me of the good old days when all we had to deal with was Clinton era Democrats.



He was referred to as a “cafeteria Catholic” when he and his wife were recently on Raymond Arroyo’s show on EWTN…can’t remember if Raymond called him that or he described himself that way. Not a title I’d think of as a feather in the cap.

I’m not impressed with what he has to say, and won’t be watching him.


As somebody (perhaps the only person on this thread) who watches The O’Reilly Factor, I am kinda surprised by this because he already is a contributor to it for the last several months. He is a guest once a week on O’Reilly’s show.


you mean Carville and his wife are Catholics?? i am shocked! never would have guessed.


:smiley: Ha ha! You, too? I do it all the time!


I watch O’Reilly. When Carville comes on, I feel myself doing an internal eyeroll and sigh.

The announcement seemed to come shortly after Carville told Megyn Kelly something like “Fox leans right; everybody knows that.”

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