James Caviezel - Blatant Hypocrisy in Catholic/Christian Media

Dear CAF,

I am truly saddened and confused and disheartened when I see clear hypocrisy within Catholic/Christian media. From Father Alberto Cutie to Miss California getting breast implants to the very man who acted as Christ in “The Passion of the Christ.” James Caviezel, who was the man who played Christ in "The Passion, recently acted in another movie called “Long Weekend,” and the poster cover of this film had a picture of him dressed immodestly without his shirt on :


Our society is truly sex saturated, and the sexual sin that permeates our culture is apparently strong enough to lead the very man who played the role of Jesus into immodesty and lust. I felt so angry and DISAPPOINTED when I saw that James Caviezel had the audacity to take off his shirt in such an immodest way. Seeing all those “strong” Christians in the media fall into sin hurts my own faith and makes me question my own willpower to say pure. Catholics, when you look at the shirtless photos of James Caviezel in the above links, when you see other media catholics acting ungodly despite their outward NAME of being catholic, do you get disheartened and discouraged in your own faith? How do you deal with this phenomenon? And how can we protect our own children from imitating these Catholic celebrities in their hypocrisy?

Why would another person’s actions dishearten you in your Catholic faith? People are people, and we are not to rely on them for the clear cut faith. That’s Jesus’ job. If you looked to others for encouragement, besides Jesus, you are going to be quite unhappy my friend.

Yes, it is sad that Fr. Cutie left the Catholic Church, or that Miss California is using plastic surgery instead of being happy with what God gave her. But I fail to see how Jim Caviezel not wearing a shirt is an act of hypocrisy. :shrug: In fact, I don’t think hypocrisy is the right word. Instead of looking to them as model Catholics/Christians, we should be praying for them, as we would pray for anyone, but let us not judge. Did not God Himself say that He is the only judge?

If you are worried about your children following their example, I would explain to them that what they see on the news is not what they should be doing. Celebrities often fall into the trap of the secular world and do things that regular people would not do. Even priests are human beings, capable of sin. Lead them in prayer for the fallen, but leave the judgment in God’s hands.

Pax et Bonum,

Thank you so much LilFranciscan25, I agree with you totally that we should not try to find encouragement from anyone except Jesus; people are people and they make sins. HOWEVER, Jim Caviezel not wearing a shirt is within itself an immodest act. The reason why I called it hypocrisy is because being catholic requires a sense of modesty and purity in dress and actions, and for Jim Caviezel to reveal his body that way is immodest. That is why I called it hypocrisy because he is known to be a devout Catholic.

I agree that it is immodest and I don’t like bare chests on any man. However, devout Catholics, even though they are spiritual and practice their faith as much as possible, make mistakes. I know I have. I think, in some way, we are all hypocrites working our way to sanctity. :wink: I’ll be the first to say that I am a HUGE hypocrite. LOL! That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

“Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”

Pax et Bonum :smiley:

Have you ever been so shocked you felt as if you stopped breathing for a second? This was how I felt. James Caveizel is not any ordinary Catholic. He was the very actor who played Christ in “The Passion of the Christ.” and yet, this very same man dared to take off his shirt in that lustful way. There is so much corruption in the Church.

I think the key word is “actor.” He is a human being “acting” in a role of Jesus Christ. He is not Christ Himself. He is a sinner, like all of us. I think sometimes we forget that and hold celebrities to higher standards. I’m not saying that any of their actions should mean less than ours, but Hollywood, by it’s standards, is a very atheistic/agnostic society. I am just very, VERY glad that being an actor didn’t force Jim Caviezel to lose his Catholic identity.

I agree about the immodesty of dress, as I’ve already told you. St. Augustine wrote this:

“In all your movements, let nothing be evident that would offend the eyes of another.”

The body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and we must do what is pleasing to the Holy Trinity. Walking around shirtless, whether it be man or woman, is an occasion of sin for others because it invites glares to the bare chest.

If you believe there is corruption in the Church, you must pray for it, as all our brothers and sisters in Christ should.

I’ll be praying for you. God bless. :slight_smile:

This is silly, especially the word “blatant”. The Church has not spoken on the morallity of a male removing his shirt. If this is seen as a sin, especially a blatant one, then perhaps there is an issue with scrupulousity. In either case, it is unjust to hold another Catholic to a standard higher than the Church holds them.

I have heard Jim Caveziel speak on his role in The Passion and it was a very moving experience for him. However, this role did not grant him a divine nature. It was a job for him.

I don’t know when one’s personal definition of modesty becomes a standard for the whole church, and to accuse another person of wrongdoing based on one’s own personal standards, rather than church doctrine, is dangerous ground. Be that as it may, if this is church doctrine every crucifix in every church should immediately be draped, and this actor’s previous film doctored since he certainly appeared nearly naked in that acclaimed film. oh yes hypocrisy and in high doses abounds

I do want to clarify that my issue with public modesty is my personal opinion, and not a standard that I hold anyone to. I thought, earlier, that I should present this, but for some reason left it out, so I wanted to clarify. My standards are often flawed, and I take care not be personally offended when someone doesn’t adhere to them, as they are my opinion. :smiley:

Pax et Bonum :slight_smile:

in any case, the movie cited is not “Christian media” so why the outrage?

You mean you’ve never seen a male chest before?

Pope John Paul II himself would go swimming, which usually requires a bare chest.

The Gospels themselves describe how St. Peter put on his clothes to swim out from the boat to meet the Risen Jesus. That implies he had at LEAST a bare chest.

Or are you saying that you actually thought the ACTOR James Caveizel would glow in the dark and walk on water as Jesus did?

One of the wonderful things about the Church is that no matter how full it is of hypocrites, there’s ALWAYS room for one more.

Get over yourself.

This seems to be a VERY big over-reaction.

Do you disprove of men wearing just swim shorts when they go to the beach?

Or men taking off their shirt when they are working hard on a hot day in the outdoors?

The picture from the movie seems to indicate that the guy was hiking/exercising and was probably really hot.

Regardless, the ONLY way I can POSSIBLY see this being a sin is if he was being vain by removing his shirt. Even IF that was the case, I hardly think it classifies as a mortal sin.

So stop being so judgmental and scrupulous.

LOL, Ooooo…big deal…


He was also shirtless in this movie:

Yeah, but that is different :rolleyes:

But seriously, what you said.

Uh, men being shirtless is OK…My 16 YO son was shirtless yesterday when he mowed the lawn. Another of my teens sat shirtless as he sunbathed while reading part of his summer English assignment. When I go to a pool or beach, I see many men who are swimming who do not have shirts on. Many of them are Catholic. I do not see the problem here. :shrug:
Jim Caviezel is a human being; he is NOT Jesus Christ, despite portraying him in the movie.

Also, breast implants in and of themselves are morally neutral.

Please tell me you are joking with this picture.

It looks like he is doing an Ironman triathalon because of the Ironman wetsuit he has on. Allow me to explain what that is. It is a 2.4 mile swim followed directly by a 112 mile bike ride followed directly by a 26.2 mile run (my husband finished it in 14-1/2 hours in case you were curious :))

You can only wear a swimsuit under your wetsuit. Most guys swimsuits don’t have tops. There is nothing immodest about this. Its the way the sport works.

You were so shocked you stopped breathing for a second when you saw Caveizel’s chest??? :eek:
Actually, James IS an ordinary Catholic. He is not a priest, he is not a monk…he is a human being. He is an actor who PORTRAYED Christ. He is NOT Christ. It was a role. It was a job. He is an actor; therefore, it goes to follow he will have OTHER roles, other movies, etc. :rolleyes:

The picture I saw is a poster of a man, shirtless, in the wilderness. The other is shirtless in an activity. How do you get that it is “lustful”? He looks hot, as in warm. Many men who work, when they get hot, remove their shirts. :shrug: I certainly do not read any “lust” from either of those pics.

One of our priests is a fitness buff. He likes to run, bike, and work out. Sometimes he goes to our local fitness center which has a pool and swims. Guess what?? He swims without a shirt!! He actually wears swim trunks like a “regular” guy. He is there to get exercise. There is nothing scandoulous about it.

Also, one more thing. Where did you find these pictures? Were you looking for them? I guess I don’t understand how you can just see them without looking searching for them. Its not like the media reports on him every day.

Goodness alive, with that kind of outrage, I expected some nude full-body sexual pose or something. But the man was shirtless?

I go swimming. Should I wear a t-shirt while I swim, like the time I was 13 at the fundamentalist church camp?

Let’s do some fact-checking while we’re at it. In our country:

• 115,000 abortions a day
• 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will be a victim of sexual assault in their lifetime.
• 75 percent of American Catholics say they don’t see the importance of formal confession
• Unfortunately, we’re still trying to improve our image after the priest scandal
• More than 4,000 have died in the Iraq War

So many terrible things are happening. And you’re worried about a shirtless actor.

Oh, for Pete’s sake. If this is all one has to fuss over, one is fortunate indeed.

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